Please remove game pass deal

If the Game pass deal is going to make Gears of War enter a pay wall, please do all the fans a huge favor and remove Gears of War 5 from the Game Pass program. The trade off is not worth it and will only ruin the community that Epic Games created that The Coalition is now abusing. None of us appreciate this slap to the face on the franchise WE FANS built for you guys.

Even if TC wanted to do that they have no say in the matter

Yea not happening, microsoft owns them and wants to promote the game pass.

Microsoft owns gears. Why would they remove a game they own from a service they provide?

“We are not Fortnite” - Dana Sissions, 2018

Considering Microsoft’s exclusives are normally not really big money makers to begin with and only 1 other one was heavy handed with microtransactions…I don’t know…it just doesn’t add up to me. Years ago, yeah…I would point the finger at them, but today’s Xbox? I give them a little faith based on how much they actually seem to be going out of there way to be gamer friendly. Just my opinion.

Pay wall? You’re saying there’s a pay wall when the only things you can buy are cosmetics?

Just stahp.