Please Remove Flashbang as Loadout Option

Please make the flashbang a pickup like the shock grenade. I’m sick and tired of having flashbangs mindlessly thrown into the ring. It’s obnoxious. The flashbangs have no place being a loadout option.


I agree. Remove flashbang in ranked or put it as a pickup


Agreed. The constant spam of flashbangs are visually annoying, they’re also just a crutch for scrubs.

They have no place in gears.


This game is driven by madness! One solo game and you will forget that flashbang does even exist! I suggest they handle better issues first though…

Huh? I’ve never played a koth game that hasn’t been a flashbang fest. Solo or in a team.

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huh? Stunt enemies is needed especially in KOTH, priorities should be given to more important things, that’s what I was saying

No it isn’t. It wasn’t needed before gears 5. You sound like the exact type of person I mentioned in my post.

Smoke grenades were fine.

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You sound insecure, Have I hurt your ego? Smoke stunt should return back then, but you’re a snowflake, are you not?

It’s not pathetic since you’re referring me in a silly post that was made by somebody few people know, and you’re acting up for something in game design, how about you come up with a better idea rather than being ignorant about basic design element, especially in KOTH…

Thank you for pointing that out! I know that at least it’s a getting some heat back by just reading your instant, stupid replies, like if your opinion matters! My first reply to you now makes more sense.

Your ABC of game’s design should be reconstructed from scratch, or you could stick your nose in playing more to understand what I was even implying.

Rephrasing my first reply for thick heads:
There are many important things that need attention first, more than flashbang sound effect that annoys you!

For instance, their connection net code, that doesn’t go well with Azure servers.
Also, ping fluctuations, lancer buffing and other various issues that should be attended.

That just proves how utterly dense you are. I never said it was the sound effect that bothered me. It’s the ridiculous visual effect and that you can be stunned multiple times in succession.

Again, your reply was barely coherent.

  • Learn to read before replying with nonsense.
  • Improve your English so people can understand your drivel.

I’m done wasting my time on you. Clearly, a person of your intellect is wasting their time here. You should be off curing a serious disease or something.

Feel free to waste your time by replying, I won’t see it, as I’m ensuring I don’t have to waste any more of my braincells by reading your stupid posts on this forum by blocking you.

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Damn this again?


…I’m still trying to process the fact it’s made it into a Gears of War game…



I don’t have to reply more. Between, flashbang won’t have any affect on your insecurity, so you’re safe either ways, good for you! Also don’t forget to take your pills before jumping into the forums again.

Ladies, calm down


Feel free to disagree but please stop attacking each other…


Since Gears 2 there’s been smoke spam too, it’s practically the same thing except for the noise and screen blind - which was already reduced.

I personally prefer the ~1 second blind over the extra 10 seconds of 50/50 who sees who first smoke battles from previous games.

True, but the main things I dislike about the flashbangs are:

  • They stun you even if you’re not facing them.
  • They stun you even if they land in front of cover that you’re behind.
  • If more than one hits you, your stun “counter” increases, meaning you can be stunned for an huge amount of time (relatively). This is probably the biggest issue, as it is directly impacted by the two other points above.

It definitely is terrible in KotH, even after the nerf. However, I don’t think they should remove it from the loadout. It’s actually quite useful in other modes like TDM when you’re facing campers.

Is that an issue?