Please READ THIS. I want to do they something

Hi. I was playing today and I also analyzed many things and I am really angry. I don’t know how details of the past that worked so well, today we no longer have them for example: -General statistics and medals - What good is it called Gears 5? , if we don’t see the characters that made it up: Dom, Cole, Baird. We only have access to a few, as if it were an “expanded beta,” so to speak. -The Wallbounce is no longer useful. Gnasher kills very far away and the use of lancer is mandatory. -The sparkle grenade is very annoying. What was wrong with the smoke grenade? -And the maps? AIM Assist? Really? And more… We are not rebel guys; you going the way just listen to the people who play Gears for many years.


Its a new trilogy that follows a new squad. Dont worry though those characters will be added in the future just like they were in Gears 4.

For me the wallbounce is still useful

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For me too. However, before it was more. The gansher kills from far away.

Smoke grenades don’t even work. I see smoke on my screen the other team does not I see it on the killcam it’s ridiculous.