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PLEASE READ: Spoiler Posting Rules Now In Effect

Hi Gears fans!

With Early Access just days away, a flood of campaign gameplay, streams and details will begin to make their way onto the internet.

At this stage, we highly recommend you leave the forums until you complete the campaign if you want to go in guaranteed spoiler free. If you are sticking around, please ensure you follow these rules in effect now until September 16th.

Thread Title: No direct Spoilers in title, mark Spoiler threads as [SPOILER]
Failure to comply with this rule will result in a 6 month - permanent ban.

Post Content: No Spoilers to be posted without spoiler marked
Any campaign information, however minor and even if officially revealed, must be hidden with the spoiler feature. To use this feature, click the COG in the post toolbar and select Blur Spoiler.

Failure to use this feature will entail a ban of 4 weeks - permanent ban.

Malicious Spoiler Posting
Targeting users or intentionally baiting threads in order to spoil people’s experience is prohibited.

Any user found to be doing this will be permanently banned and we may consider an in-game suspension against your account.