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Are all you guys crazy saying that this gnasher update is better. Like wym , so your saying that nerfing the gnasher was a good idea. Its so damn weak you can hardly call it fair fights when ur trying to clutch. Yet they leave the lancer with its unglodly power. And yet the overkill still can kill 5ft away. Seriously ruined gears 5 on this one.

On top of that torq bow tag is horrid and way to ez. I mean if u kill me by sticking me thats kool but if u only shoot a wall like wtf.

Everyone praising TC why cause he is listening to the noobs who complain about this game being to hard. This is the only gears where skill doesnt apply. Its beyond ez for anyone to pick up a controller and start killing people. But now it takes all the fun in grding and practicing tp get better.

Ive said it once ill say it again we need to go back to the roots of gears and stop ruining this franchise.

5 dollars for characters greedy ■■■■■■■■. Imagine payong 5 dollars just to have a helmet put on a drone. Whats next 10 for sniper so gogglea on my drone ■■■■ here with your bs.

Glad Rod will be gone and his plauge on gears will end.

We need someone who cares about the community and not profit.

Like how about all the characters we bought in 4 get transferred to 5 you act like u cant.

Oh and even better stop being lazy with your character designs and put love into them, there is hardly any personality in any character. They dont talk trash as much or anything.

Oh and why the hell are we still stuck with the same pathetic map roster. Like its been since sept and we still have horrible maps. Just bring all of them back and maybe youll get more players again.

Kefla Ascends out.

Im done with this trash version of gears made my masters in tdm top 1 perc and after the update dropped to 25 cauae of lack of gnasher power.

Oh and another thing fix ur freaking servers. Its never consistent. Why if i have 25 ping and someone with 100 plus it dancing around us with actaul good i ternet ita disgraceful.

Yall need to do some real gears home work start from 1 and work your way up. Or better yet just listen to the actaul gears OGs and bot these new comers who want something lile fortnite. Like emotes really what am i 10 .

If i wanted something childlike id play fortnite. But i want a game where skill and time and effort is i volved not , ill try this game for my first time and body everyone in sight.

That being said i hope everyone who reads this agrees.

My love for gears is always here but not for 5 its not ever Gears of war 5 its just Gears 5 a soapbox variation of what gearsofwar was.

Gears is a shell of its former self.


I think the gnasher is fun now, BUT they need to force the “aim assist = OFF” setting in ranked… Playing without the extra aim assist turned on, the lancer is not really a problem… I know, I’m playing that way, and it’s actually “skillful” and fun…

But I won’t go back to ranked as long as everyone else has that on…

Overkill is a pickup power weapon, on ONE map - everyone needs to stop crying about it, already…


Gnasher battles actually require skill now. So yes its a huge improvement, instead of just speed you actually need accuracy. Strafing actually matters now. They just need to make the roll quicker now. There is no difference to the Lancer. Im not sure what this is about. There was crossing before and after the update.

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Gears of war 1 was based on Squad tactics, and teamwork, not this shotgun, wall bouncing one man army ■■■■.

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