Please put the Gears 5 beta on PC as well

For Gears 4, we didn’t get a PC beta. Hopefully that was just because it was early development for a new team.

But for Gears 5, please include PC in the beta. I would love to tell all my Fortnite friends to play Gears 5 for free during the beta. And I would love to participate in the beta myself, since I no longer have an Xbox.

Pls TC


I would love a beta on PC.


Yes please. :sunglasses:


They probably will seeing as in 2016 they tested gears on pc but now they know people want it back on pc

I’d support having Beta on PC too.
Imagine if they didn’t, even though coming to PC too…

I could see them not doing a PC beta if they don’t fix the crashing before they have a beta to release lmao

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I would love a PC Beta - just to see if it’s with me even installing and playing it on PC.

Currently im one of the few who get the freeze in game so I don’t play it on PC.

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Oh trust me, it’s more than a few


When it first happened, I thought my relatively new PC was a paper weight but then I calmed down and remembered the pain that was Gears 1 PC :sob:

Do you think TC will optimize GoW5 and hopefully have it run better on pc

Hell no.

We will be lucky if it plays for 10-15 mins straight without freezing !

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Yes I do. GoW4 runs incredible on the PC. It’s already well-optimized. The only issue on PC is a driver crashing issue.

Freezing is a massive issue for me sadly :disappointed_relieved:

rip ive seen a bunch of post saying updating your drivers and doing a windows update fixes it

Hopefully no more crashing on gears 5 ?

I’ll give it a go tomorrow :+1:

The big windows update a few weeks ago gave me a very nice BSOD :joy:

oooh rip bsods arent fun

It rebooted and fixed itself so idk what happened :joy:

atleast i fixed itself lol

Strange but yeah, what a relief I didn’t end up with a paperweight PC after a update :sob: