PLEASE put all maps on Escalation playlist

It’s been long enough.
Why are we still forced to play the same three maps repeatedly… (it’s always Lift, Reclaimed, or Foundation)

I understand that not all maps are designed for escalation, but honestly, who cares?
Just give us the option by putting them all into rotation, and let the community vote on the maps they want to play on.


Agreed (except for the “all” part - maybe just “more”). Here is what Nodezero said yesterday when I asked this:


I’ve played harbor, dawn, forge blitz, lift apex on escalation within the last few days… I think I also remember impact showing up in the list (but that MIGHT have been koth, I’m not 100% sure).

I don’t find that much repetition…

sometimes my friends and I will vote for Harbor, Dawn, forge, and the other version of Lift but we only do it to mix it up and get a change of pace.

The choices are still abysmal.

Escalation on Raven Down haha.

Personally I’d love to see Speyer and Blood Drive

I agree that some should be added. I remember they were testing maps and they thought Old Town worked well for Escalation.

However, not all maps. I don’t want to play Escalation on Raven Down because you can put down two Boomshots. Some maps won’t work for Escalation. I definitely know I wouldn’t want to play on Reclaimed Windflare or Harbour Haze. Others like Speyer would be nice to see.

But I do remember most pros agreed , that Canals was the worst map possible for Escalation.

Yes it becomes a bit repetitive BUT not all maps play equally well in Escalation.
I think it’s fine as is.

No. I don’t want to play Escalation on maps that simply don’t work well with the gametype. More is not always better.

Diner is ok with Escalation, though.

I don’t think all maps should be added either, but it’s definitely not fine as is. Having two of the same map/a map like slab no one ever votes for is a waste.

At the very least we should have a map rotation imo.

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They should just keep some staple maps permanently in rotation (Foundation, Lift, Reclaimed), and periodically add different maps to mix things up.

I miss playing escalation on maps like Blood Drive and Clocktower.

ya keep the circuit staple maps and rotate 2 in and out

Last time I played a few matches of escalation, a couple of those were on impact.

well yeah staples being… foundation, reclaimed, lift, forge blitz, impact, harbor, and dam. then at least cycle out two so that we don’t have lift apex and slab forever.