Please, Please, Sort out the Verses Quick Play

Hi all,

I am having a problem finding a simple quickplay match against AI in King of the Hill. When I go to the quickplay menu, there is no option to choose to play KOTH against the AI but the game automatically chooses Team Death Match or Gridiron, which I have no interest in playing so I have to quit those games and start searching again many times over.

TC can you please add an option so we can choose the game style you want to use, rather than us having to restart the matchmaking process up to 5 times because the game just wouldn’t allow us to play KOTH and when it does allow us, we ended up playing with Armoured AI which are totally useless a lot of the time. That been said, we can take playing with just Armoured AI every time if it means we can play the game style we really like.

Thank you.

Just stay for one game, then you can vote. Mostly Koth gets voted on.

Easier said than done, because many people who didn’t do too well in KOTH will then choose TDM or Gridiron which gives them quicker games and kills, so you have to leave that game and start searching for another KOTH match.

There must be a simple option to fix this issue.

I’ll assume TC doesn’t want that fix.
It’s the cost you pay for having the easy way against the ai.

I hear you, but I like to chill and have a laugh playing this fun version of the game because there is no - Rank sweaty players, 4 stacks, T bagging, no broken ranking system, targeted attacks, or playing against masters players who create a new account so they can trash the newbie’s and then put the videos on Twitch or YouTube.

TC should realise that they need people to keep enjoying this game because if they have a bad experience, then they will be pushed later on to keep them interested in Gears 6.

The reason they don’t make a separate queue is that there usually aren’t enough people looking for those matches and the devs don’t want to divide that community even further by making separate queues and leaving people with mostly AI teammates. If you are just interested in playing against bots, make a private lobby. I do this all the time so I can just wallbounce and practice trick shots without throwing games that people are trying to win. You can customize it however you want. For instance, if I want to work on my longshot I just place those instead of the other pickup weapons. It’s kind of like a shooting gallery for building muscle memory.

Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try because I am new to the whole verses mode and coming from horde to this game style that is totally different. The shotgun in horde is a million percent different to the verses mode so its a learning curve for me.