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Please patch killing yourself


(WrinklyHornet34) #15

Leave it as it is because this one is on the players. Yes the starting bonus is handy but if you can’t build without it then don’t play the engineer. As well as that if you quit because someone can’t or won’t suicide then please put the game back in its box and let the rest of us get on with Horde because, in my opinion, you’re an awful player and it is one sad excuse for quitting a game.

(H9216M151) #16

I love it…Simple as that, and while we are at it make it so players start the game with zero energy2.

(mendigo2005) #17

Now there’re 999/1000 quit reasons to solve…

(Potato Boy 025) #18

Quitting due to fabricator placement is an interesting one…
My theory behind this is
Players have this idea that just because a certain setup works once it’ll always be the best setup. This is complete bull***t. The success of your session heavily depends on who you are playing with, yet people feel like fabricator placement is the key to success and will always blame the map for failure.

I Used to think the “only” way to clear hotel was camping outside and then some guy placed fabricator inside and blew my mind. Amazing how naive horde players can be.


Except for that guy I played with on Clock Tower who put the fab in the middle of the map. That guy was a dipstick.

(mendigo2005) #19

And the solution? Let fabricator out next Gears.
(998 to go…).

I read some vs people talking about “ACTUAL PROBLEMS” in the game… Ok, vs has all that lag/ping/region situation.

But horde too has quite a lot of problems adressed. Horde players themselves, why not? Myself included.

Yesterday I got into Mania insane. Avalanche. Wings 3, 4 and 5 in lobby. I thought “ok, time for a nice run, let’s obliterate some grubs”.

I placed the fabricator inside one of those little houses (not spawn, opposite spawn). Wings 5 immediately left.

Sniper, wings 3, suffered a lot to fire his Markza. The others weren’t also killing much.

Game over.

(Potato Boy 025) #20

Really feels like the quality of mania has dropped even for wings…Not enough people killing or doing their job. This always leaves me conflicted because I can’t tell if I’m doing bad as engineer or if the group just isn’t working together. It’s really irritating to watch drones and juvies consistently melee at my decoy while everyone else is reviving each other or struggling with a single guardian.
This forces me as an engineer to either pickup a dropshot (which is fine) or purchase sentrys (which my cards aren’t setup for)

(mendigo2005) #21

I pretty much agree with all you wrote, I just refuse to build those auto-firing toys.


I played with a horde mania match recently where I was the only one who wasn’t a wings. And one of the guys jokingly said “you better not suck”. But, it was hard, cuz I was a sniper, and I have never seen a Engi put up so many turrets in such a small space (Blood Drive) And of course i can’t really say anything, cuz I’m several re-ups lower then everyone else.
Needless to say, I quit soon after. I did manage to get MVP a couple waves though

(mendigo2005) #23

It’s like you said in your thread, most of them are extremely dependable. Don’t even try without toys.

Real boring games.


truer words have never been spoken

(mendigo2005) #25

Then comes mr. A-Hole and says he wants to build thousands of then.



Helllllllllllllooooooooo Tony!

(J4CKA1) #27

I played a couple of horde matches 2 weeks ago and I built 4 entries and put them behind the fab pointing towards the choke point. It was fun AND the new (no reups) players that I was with had an “alamo” should everything go to crap.

(XeroShinobi) #28

Strictly speaking, it’s not a great sign of good design when the best course of action after starting a mode is immediate suicide.

Scouts shouldn’t receive deposit bonuses from dead player power. Simple fix. Problem permanently solved.

The game has been out for years and this has never been addressed, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. Fortunately, it’s a slight nuisance; far from game-breaking.

(H9216M151) #29

This will take care of the whole thing as well having too many sentries in the field since there won’t be enough power to keep rebuilding them or just like I said before: don’t give any power at the starting of the game or when joining a game in progress like Omen _LP said.

(J4CKA1) #30

Wouldn’t it just be easy to make players invincible until the fab is dropped? You have that respawn invincibility in versus. Couldn’t be that difficult to apply to horde and make triggers for it.

(H9216M151) #31

They are going to find the way to make themselves invincible all 50 waves. There is always, always a way to exploit things.

(J4CKA1) #32

Good point.

(open flask) #33

Why not just start with the money inside the fab like you do when firing up on a higher wave instead of on players…

(mendigo2005) #34

Rephrasing that: patch it for Gears 5.