Please nerf lancers. An old gear heads opinion

I’ve been a huge gears fan since the beginning. It’s a truly unique game, that has a high skill gap, and just plain feels awesome to play. However, I can’t help but notice I feel that the Gears Developers have started to take the game into a different direction. For one, Lancers are far too powerful. No longer is it the shotgun gameplay that I know and love from gears. Even the maps feel as if they are designed for Lancers, take Icebound for example. That map is so terrible for KOTH. I don’t know if they are doing this to try and draw the more casual gamers, or fans of other fps, but I can’t help but not enjoy myself a lot of times, and almost everyone I’ve talked to feels the same way.

Now, I know they said they will balance the guns over time as they take in feedback, so that’s why I’m here. I hope they listen, because you are driving away the community that has always supported this game, for people who will drop gears as soon as COD MW comes out. Please, lower the damage of lancers. Just play a game of Ranked KOTH and you’ll see for yourself, it’s rampant with lancers. I also feel for ranked, stun grenades shouldn’t be an option. Please just give us smokes to start with, the nade spam is insane and non stop.

This game has the potential to be great, but right now a lot of long time gears players are dropping the game altogether. Half the time I get put into the same lobby with the same people for ranked. The game has barely been out, the multiplayer should be thriving. If you read this, thanks for taking the time to do so.

Even if you don’t adjust the lancers, I think bringing back 2 v 2 gnashers would help satisfy some peoples love for wall bouncing face popping fun!


i want them to first fix this feeling of having a giant hitbox.

then we can talk about upping the movement and lowering the lancer.

i think that if the aim assist is toned down, maybe the lancer and movement will in fact be just fine the way they are.


Yeah, I don’t know if it’s the servers or the hit boxes or what. But sometimes I’ll even watch my recorded footage when i’m editing a youtube video and ill have the hard aim right on them, and it will only show 1 or 2 pellets hit. Then other times, my aimer is off to the left or right, and it will show all the pellets hitting.

Personally, I think they need to do some work on their matchmaking. I think the main cause is it does a horrible job of matching players with similar connections.

Another “I’ve been a gear head since the beginning” intro.

Folks stop saying this, it gives you noooo extra credibility

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Every gears has had this issue, every last one, it’s nothing new

Agreed every fears has had an increase to lancer damage in the last 10 years, A couple more games and we’ll be playing COD.

It’s bad, real bad

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People act like the Lancer wasn’t ever used in GOW 1. Is this an execution thing?

Anothe- oh wait, the same person saying the same thing, speaking on people who mention they’re veterans. There’s nothing wrong with people letting the community know they’re veterans and I’m sure they’re not saying it for extra credibility, just so people know they’ve been playing for a while and not a newbie like 90% of the people here.

You need to relax, idk why it triggers you so much hearing that.


People say it like it validates their opinion more than others. It’s an elitist vibe. No one cares when you started

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Whatever helps you sleep at night

lol no the lancer is fine
Blame the movement in this game

Lancer is fine

8 shots to down and kill is fine lol…

I can usually get out the way of lancer

The thing is, TC is giving the shaft to the veterans because there aren’t enough of them to keep Microsoft’s pockets happy.

They don’t care what you think.

I’m a 2018 vet but I can identify more with the 06 vets. I put in a hell of a lot of work trying to catch up to their skill level. It feels like much of (not all) that has gone down the drain due to the changes.

But like I said, they don’t care. They just want the game to grow and this is what they’ve done to get it there. Time will tell if it works.

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It does, when you have been playing a game from the very start, you have seen it in it’s full life cycle. Its gives you a better understanding of the game over someone that just started playing.

No it doesn’t. A new player could understand the mechanics better then any of us. It’s not length but quality of time. I know ppl who started in 06 and still don’t know anything about it.

It doesn’t make anyone’s opinion more valid

Except it’s 11 to down and kill but whose counting.

And don’t even attempt to argue, there’d nothing to argue, it’s 11, always has been.

Case in point, we complain but don’t know the basic mechanics

Hitbox was like this since gears 2.

The Lancer doesn’t feel nearly as strong in competitive modes (Execution), I suggest you try those out and see what ya think.

I think the problem is now leaning toward aim assist as far as the Lancer goes.