Please make the gnasher harder to use so it takes skill to get your kills

The Gnasher in Gears 5 is way to easy to use any player out there that has never played the game before until now can pick up the Gnasher join a KOTH match and get 100 eliminations without using their Lancers or Flash bangs/Smoke as a gears of war fan since day 1, I would like to see this game go into a different direction and that is to be smart use your Lancer and don’t run in head first with the Gnasher only when necessary.

What about the Lancer? All the weapons feel kind of over powered to me. Very noob friendly

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And you’re right the Botox is a prime example it suppose to be OP but it needs more kick back (Which will make it harder to shoot) any player can pick that gun up and down you with one shot after taking 25% damage from the Lancer or just blow your head off with two easy shots.

To me the Lancer should be OP that is our defense against the “Tunnel Vision” Gnasher players if the coalition weakens the Lancer there will be no use for it anymore just remove it out of our weapon set then.