Please make it happen

Idk about y’all but I’d love to see a fov slider for the xbox version of gears 5 crossing my fingers


Would be really nice, if the hardware could support it

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I have basically switched to Apple for my laptop when I bought a MacBook Pro but I’m considering building a Windows PC for gaming. I figure it’s either a PC or the next Xbox and I mostly play Microsoft exclusives (Halo, Forza, Gears) so a PC is fine. But I’m one of those all or nothing type of people so it’s either the new Xbox or an expensive PC (2080, i8 and full SSD).

I really want the FoV option so its one reason I’ve been considering it. I don’t think we will see this even on the X.


Yeah I have a MacBook Pro laptop and a Window PC desktop for gaming. IMO it’s ideal to have both. MacBook for on-the-go and laying in bed/in the kitchen type stuff, then a desktop to sit down to for everything else.

PC games are lacking the last couple years IMO due to the BR fad. Just seems like there’s nothing new and good to play besides BRs, but that’s probably because I got bored of Overwatch and Siege. I only play one game (Gears) on my desktop PC these days unfortunately lol.

I’m digressing but yeah Xbox is by far the worst choice for a gaming platform at this point. PS4 has better console gaming options and PC has the better versions of the Windows exclusives. And obviously Nintendo still has the best party games. So I do recommend PC gaming despite the BR fad. Once you experience FOV sliders, 144hz and minimal input lag (Xbox One has massive input lag), you’ll never want to go back. I straight up can’t play on consoles anymore because of input lag and low fps. Feels clunky af.

I really wish they would get PC and the One X on an even playing field when it comes to input lag. I can live with the other stuff.

I’m down for anything that cracks down on the ‘PC has advantage’ whining.

Fov has been a contentious point… Though the benefit is only mediocre.

That being said, FOV helps a lot with visual playability/motion sickness… I like to use doom 2016 as an example - with FOV at 75 or whatever is default on Xbox and moving at such a high rate of speed during gameplay it can make some people sick. Setting it up to 100 or 120 solves this problem.

I know if I play gears at the default I can’t stand it… I feel like my screen is crowded. 95 is my sweet spot for the game.


What’s a BR?


Battle Royale :face_vomiting:

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You never fail me.


Oh gadzooks… same.

The only one I have found that is remotely tolerable has been BF5’s Firestorm… and even that is a rarity for me to play. I can’t stand the waiting, the anxiety, and then waiting some more.

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It’s really not that demanding to up the FoV. The xbox is capable, Imo input lag is a bigger issue and has to be adressed.

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You PC geeks and your unlimited begging for more power! You already have superior graphics and a mouse for precise aim, it’s practically cheating! No skill involved! :crazy_face:

-grabs popcorn-

Can someone tell me what a fov slider is

Field of view. Basically it adjusts how much you can see ahead of you.


I’d advise building a all out PC i recently did it 1 month ago and it’s the best decision i’ve ever made love it!!! 144fps is also a world of difference and so many other options.

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I agree. Well, if one can afford it. I certainly don’t have top of the line but I have enough power and tech to last me for about 3-5 years or so. (Assuming…)

I will absolutely say that after you’ve played 120+ FPS pretty consistently… anything lower, especially 60fps is absolutely irritating to look at. (God forbid, 30FPS… ugh).

I don’t even like operating my mouse in Windows at 60fps anymore, like on my work laptop… it just feels wrong.

I had built a pc for my wife out of my older parts and put her on a cheap 75hz monitor (she not exactly a pc gamer) and she’s been playing Dragon age on PS4 for months and ever since she tried it on the PC she can’t stand playing it on PS4. She got too used to 75 fps.

I was looking into building a PC but the pricing is ridiculously high. Granted, I wasn’t looking at an entry level or even mid level so that’s is why. I was looking at a 2080ti which is about $1300 so the build already became expensive and I’m only one part in. :joy:

Wait this game had a FOV slider?

On PC it did.