Please let us change modifiers

Can you please let us change modifiers because 2 AP in Scavenger is nearly impossible to finish.

The Scavenger Run mission with 2 AP is just pure BS and clearly had not enough thought put into it. How are you supposed to outrun the danger zone while frequently getting enemies, particularly Wretches and Grenadiers, dropped right on your freaking head, with only 2 AP for each character per turn? Either the rate of progression for the zone would have to be toned down or there should be less enemies, and less of those that don’t allow you to move away if you’re too close to them. I just had to abandon one of those with only 2 AP modifier, and I was playing on Beginner difficulty, simply because it was impossible to constantly outpace the danger zone while collecting enough crates and ensuring none of the characters I was using would get killed or downed or d*** blocked by one of the ridiculous Wretches or Grenadiers conveniently always spawned right where they were the least needed.

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Seconded. I did this the first time I played and never again.

Seconded as well. Just finished it on Experienced, took me a few hours just to clear it, and I could only do it by save scumming, cause everything had to be done JUST RIGHT. I mean, I understand that it was meant to be challenging, but this setup is absolutely imbalanced. AP modifiers are fine I think, but not on constraint missions like scavenger runs,

2AP Modifier for Scavenger is BS.
I won the mission on first try, but the game basically demands 4 Scouts specced into Commando/Ghost.
At least give some mobility boost to compensate. You can’t use AP solely for running in this mission type.

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I didnt find it to hard, my second time through on insane i was a good 3-4 turns ahead of the bombing with all 5 boxes. You just need to bring more ap generation. Vanguard retro charge, scout sprint, support skills, and blitz armour all make it quite easy.

But how can I charge down Grenadiers, Zealots and Wretches? Of course, Grenadiers can be hit to remove their opportunity attack, but it still requires one action point to do so, I can’t do the same on Wretches, and I have not tested if Zealots will also attack anything that gets too close, just assumed it. The mission I got was basically 90% Grenadiers and Wretches with a Zealot at the beginning and a Kantus with Drones and Disciples for the ending stretch… by which time I simply never had been able to outrun the danger zone quickly enough to get through.

By using frags mostly, one vanguard can easily kill two wretches then charge a grenadier only using 2 actions while gaining a free action from the retro charge and getting the support 2 actions through teamwork. Zealots cant be charged normally but they are pretty weak and can usually be dealt with using a frag and a proxy mine. The support can also give 2 actions to anyone to help with encounters or speed up slower gears, and should be using the cooldown chest to keep the actions coming. I believe both times i played this mission there were therons and the torque bows were very useful if you can spare the actions to get them.

You can’t charge a full health Grenadier though. Chapter 3 Mission 8 Scavenger run is now even more stupid since the Jacked update.

By the way get rid of these damn modifiers they are annoying as hell and only a crutch for poor design.