Please let us buy individual skins for weapons

I want to complete my Rainbow Swirl set, but don’t want to spend full price for the complete collection (almost 9 dollars in Iron or 6.8k Gears Coins) when I’ve already earned more than half of them through supply pre-operation 4.

This request was made during the last developer’s stream… He said nah

Individual skins seems a bit much. But I could get into a discount off the full set of you have like 2 or more or something

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That would be good, yeah. Subtracting the value of the skins you already own from the bundle seems fair.

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In the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint game, if there is a collection then you can buy the whole collection or buy the items separatedly. :slightly_smiling_face:

We finally got the A.I. teammates back in Breakpoint! :sunglasses:
We finally got the active Rebels back with their own soldiers, cars, helis, etc… and we finally got rid of the Azrael drones! :sunglasses:
But the second one is for only this current 2 weeks long event. :roll_eyes:

Are you serious?

Individual skin selling seems too much??

Why even have earnable skins if you can’t complete sets without then having to buy all the skins you’ve unlocked anyway

I remember when skin selling started to be a thing, it was gona be so fair, honest and required to bump up the cash flow, not ruin games etc etc

But now they’ve taken centre stage in many cases, are WAY overpriced, sold using all the various marketing techniques salesmen have been ripping ppl off with for forever, aswell as many other underhanded techniques, games are built to sell skins and be a game 2nd now. So much for “it won’t affect anything atall”

In a relatively short time it’s all but destroyed creativity in the industry but I digress, they take the pi$$, took the pi$$ and will continue to do so, but don’t make excuses for them man jeez

Skins being IN sets for sale

‘That’ IS abit much

Faaaaaar faaaaaar faaaaaaar too much

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Gears coins are free. That makes whatever you spend them on free.
If someone gives you a dollar, do you complain because you already have .50?

Understand your frustration but at least they are giving thousands of coins away, so you will soon make up again.

Do we know how much the post-General rank Legendary gives out? I heard it gives out 750 Gear Coins for every 10 stars acquired.

Not sure mate.