Please leave core as it is


I prefer core over competitive in Gears 4. I am not a big fan of the low gnasher range and the low lancer power in comp. I like the core gnasher as it is atm. I am also not a big fan of the new movement in core which is 2.8. Why? Because you dont get your health regen when wall bouncing. Other than that I have no problem with the 2.8 movement. I just dont get the point why you would not regen your health when wall bouncing, it is a stupid idea.

I think we players which prefer core have to make our voice loud. There is too much hate on core and I know many people prefer comp and want a universal tuning in Gears 5. I am totally against a universal tuning and in my opinion the Gnasher damage/range and the rifle damage should stay as it is atm for Gears 5.

Many people say the community is split in half with the two tunings which in my opinion isnt the case.

Also in the old Gears games there has been only one tuning, which was core. You could easily two shot down somebody from 5 feet away in Gears 2/3.

Many people told me that I am a noob cause I prefer core and that it doesnt take any skill to be good in core. This is also false. You need aim and a lot of good movement for example to win a 2v1 in core(it is possible to win a 2v1 in core. Some say it isnt)

I know I will get much hate about this thread and many people prefer comp but I just wanted TC to notice that there are die hard Gears fans which prefer core cause of the better damage.
Whats your guys opinion about this. Do you want two tunings or only one? Maybe only core or only comp? Do you want a universal tuning which is in the middle of core and comp?


Core should stay as it was - the tuning and movement was perfectly fine.


I like core but I think the weapons are a little over powered

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Disagree :v:

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Core is Gears of War.

Competitive is TC’s mess trying to cater to the “Professional” community.


Absolutely Agree :100:


That is absolutely right. In the beta we also had only one tuning, which was core. But people actually think they are “pro” when they are playing competitive.


I know. It’s always been hilarious. It’s more or less sticking the finger up to the original trilogy.

Let’s hope Gears 5 corrects this and gets rid of the competitive tuning mess.

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Come on man, thats a bit arrogant to say don’t you think? I’ve played more escalation games than koth and tdm combined but primarely because it’s a far superior gamemode, where tdm is a constant campfest with no skill gap and koth is a constant shooting in the back slaughter, because enemies get spawned behind one another. The comp shotgun opens up for actual outplays and teamplay while in core you can just two shot hardaim down someone from across the map or active lancer kill multiple dudes with one magazine.


This is McDonald’s vs Steak Dinner

Core settings are trash, shotgun being used at the same range as lancer is in comp says it all.

It’s fine if you have a good time, but your essentially playing easy mode, and trying to force that to be the future of gears is just lame. Kills are another thing, “woo look I got 150 kills in King”, I’ve had games like this, kills just feel so meaningless and unsatisfing, each kill in comp feels like you earned it and genuinely turned the round in your teams favor.

Leave core in with the funky modes that always seem to die or have extremely low population, like dodgeball, arms race, execution, it’s the Mario party of gears.
Everything else Comp. It’s the future of gears, why else would there only be comp in esports,

No, it’s a point many people agree with.

You can tell by the wait times alone for those modes.

No it’s not, it’s a really bad mode with extra long respawns and sometimes nonsensical weapon placements.

KOTH and Blitz are far better than Escalation. Escalation is an absolute borefest.

You serious? No skill gap?

It’s only a camp fest depending on the players involved. If you have a team that can push together effectively then it makes it near on impossible to camp.

Plus last night alone I saw some D3/4/5 players and man where they anything but camping. Running Riot more like.

Can’t get shot in the back if you watch your back and have an effective team with callouts. Plus knowing where spawns are really helps with predicting where someone might come from as well as always looking out for weapon pickups. But this can easily happen in ANY mode.

If you know correctly, you can actually control spawns and this is very effective in maps like Checkout.

The Comp shotgun is absolutely atrocious.

So much random damage and the damage tail off is so sharp that it’s counter-intuitive as to predicting how much damage it will actually do.

Literally people can walk into a point blank shot to get 1-2 footsteps closer and then gib you because this Tuning allows this.

Whereas with Core - it’s a lot more consistent and you can get outplays if your good enough.

That’s how when I have good games, I’m hitting doubles, triples and quads and the rare Quint too.

From across the map? Come on now, all your credibility gone right there :+1:

Yeah sure, I don’t know what game you are playing, but it’s not Gears 4 :v:

Both are disgusting.

Disagree & Lancer actually works (all rifles for that matter) in Core.

In Comp, the rifles feel so off and underpowered it’s ridiculous.

I don’t know why people have a mentality that weaker weapons means they are “pro” and that it’s “better tuning”.

It just doesn’t make sense when you are pumping bullets into someone and they just aren’t going down because of the tuning … it’s a rifle for crying out loud, it should be as core is, if you are caught out in the open then a good amount of accurate fire should get you down.

“Easy Mode” ???

So I take it your a Diamond 5 in all the Core playlists because it’s so easy right?

You are the same as other comp players.

Just because the shotgun works and should be powerful (it’s a shotgun remember) - you think people are automatically given kills by simply having it out.

I can tell you right now that if you ever got 150 Kills in KOTH then the ranking system has failed you in that match.

You would get schooled by higher ranked teams, for sure you would be lucky to try double digits :joy:

Ok, you just be trolling right now.

Execution isn’t core.

And “funky modes” ?

They are a nice break from TDM and KOTH.

And Gears overall has a low population issue, the modes are less popular in general but it’s the two factors combined.

Future of Gears is looking bleak if TC force Comp tuning.

It’s just so bad on so many levels.

eSports is something I have Zero interest in. Couldn’t care less what they were doing.

But this thread and OP was simply stating that Core should be left alone.

For Comp players, Escalation is there anyway.


Nope to that novel. Try harder.

You can read the end 2 sentences to the get the point if you can’t read a few small lines of text :+1:

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I like McDonald’s. I know I’m cheap AF.

That being said, I have to agree with EnVii, I enjoy and play better in Core, for all the reasons he stated. Does that make me any better than comp players just because it’s a different tuning? Nah. Each to their own.

But seeing how so strongly the playerbase is split on whether core/comp is better than one other makes me feel as if TC will do exactly the same thing to Gears 5. 2 different tunings, different game modes in either one. There may be more Core players (because comp takes so much longer to find) but because eSports is run on comp tuning, that it’s going to weigh heavily on TC leaving it in for Gears 5.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that there will still be 2 different tunings because too many people will complain if it came down to a trade-off universal tuning. Messing with the tuning unlike what you’ve seen in Gears 1/2/3 was probably the biggest mistake TC could have made and split the base to the point where it’s definitely going to be an issue for the next iteration, imho.

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Im more than happy for this.

I will never play Escalation whether Core, Comp or Unicorn tuning.

So leave it as it is, have the two separate tunings because then both sets of fans are happy.

The only I play in Comp is 2v2 and you can tell the Gnasher is so BS.

But each to their own I guess, like you said, choice here is a good thing.

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Sure, not taking time to read your wall of dribble, stick to core if you need it.

That post buried him. All future responses are irrelevant.

The fact anyone actually favours Escalation over the normal game types really repulses me.


Ok, of course since your one of the most famous eSports Pro Players the world - no wait, the Universe - has ever seen, Comp and Escalation are clearly the only mode and tuning worth playing in the history of gaming :+1:

I’m sure that response is better for you rather than trying to be constructive :v:

Haha well said & clearly :joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t care as much about core vs comp, but for crying outloud, please make everything execution rules… Would open up the game play so much…

I feel like Execution rules should be standard but with a shorter DBNO time.

At the moment, it’s ridiculously long.

Everyone played with 5 sec bleed out on Gears 1 and that was the perfect time.

I understand TC probably don’t want to standardise that so I’d say even 7.5s would be better than the current time.

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