Please learn the game basics

Why is the community flooded with people who can’t even play the game on its basic level?

It’s disrespectful to play the 6th game in a franchise this badly.

If you don’t use the basics, I’ll be sure to go hyper offensive and make sure you either quit the game, or stop playing gears entirely.

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Gamepass is a wonderful thing for noobs


all the good players left because you can’t play execution anymore, you can’t play escalation in ranked, dodgeballs not a thing. like yeah sure i can still play those game modes in custom but i don’t want to look for a group of 9 other players to play that every time i wan’t to play it. Koth is boring, holding down 1 hill is not fun all game. tdm is casual and feels extremely boring. no objective really other than to kill them before they kill you. an free for all is just plain boring and stupid. good for warmup i guess. only fun game mode they have is 2v2 gnashers. i don’t understand how you can remove execution because apparently not enough people play it but youre telling me more people play free for all than exe? nah i call cap. the best part of execution was when your teammates died and you are trying to clutch up a 1v3/4/or 5. that’s the best. even escalation was super fun and strategic… unfortunate but that’s what the developers want. new players. even though that’s barely working.


Hah, good one, spot on parody of the type of elitist gatekeeping that drives away new fans. I’m glad you’re not really that kind of toxic player, OP.


I don’t care if new people like Gears.

I care if the people who play Gears actually know how to play Gears.

And it ain’t what it used to be.


no one minds new fans and new players but he’s not wrong. you could be d3 in any playlist and still see other d3 players move around like they are bronze or silver. the only reason they rank up is because it’s almost impossible to derank unless you get 0 kills in a game. which is also almost impossible to do because all you have to do is hit them with 1 lancer bullet and you get the kill assist which counts as a kill. so you will literally have diamond players who don’t deserve diamond. so when you are actually doing good and want to win. they are literally playing like bots. see it almost every other couple games. diamond players playing like they’ve never played gears before.

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i feel you man, i’m on ur side. being a high rank doesn’t mean anything in this game with the ranking system they have.

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coughs Ranked Guardian

Also yea what you said about Customs is why I can’t play my 2nd fav Gridiron. Also Dodgeball was my 2nd fav on 4.

It is working though, lobbies are 3x busier than they were 12 months ago ; if not more?..I’ve seen Gears 5 when there we’re only 4 escape and 40 horde lobbies able to join at times because this game was on it’s a$$.
There’s loads of new players…and they currently suck!. But they probably won’t stick around long enough to git good.
Let’s hope they do to support the franchise…,

My controller has no A button tho.
It always dove me insane when dealing with the fornicator.


You mean, Gamepass Garys?

Who hurt you OP?

This is a real awful take and toxicity no gaming community needs, and honestly getting sick of this high level crap when level 5 reup that gets the round mvp while supporting my team with deposits outplays people that have played since day 1


My fantasy Idea because god knows it’ll never be true

Lock ranked until all reqs are met

  • Lv20
  • 6hrs of playtime
  • 15 Social Matches completed (W or L)

The requirements for entry shouldn’t be insane, they should be realistic and obtainable. Going into rank they’ll be in Bronze bracket so it won’t be hurting people that much.


  • Let the difficulties be unlocked via clears for the love of god (yes ppl get carried but this would definitely help)
  • Give class/card level recommendation for certain difficulties.
  • Put them through something similar to horde lite.

I can’t say much about horde because I myself am still learning…
my escape experience is negative aswell
all I know is cole seems dope for solo

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That elitist gatekeeping though, who hurt you? Did someone piss in your Cheerios or something?

I’m hurt that I pay hard earned money for a game that has the server quality of a 2006 game.

And the dev team plays blind, deaf and dumb to the issue.

I know that’s asking a lot in 2021.

This “accept anything and everything TC Shovels out” mentality is what ruined Gears.

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I’ve been noticing the same. Way too many nubs in horde that don’t know squat about to play. Its become really hard to find a match with people that knows how to play.

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Honestly the most pointless thread I’ve seen in quite awhile.


@IDrizzyT its amazing. You speak as if you actually believe everyone else feels the way you do. A)execution sux and is outdated. No “good players left bc exe isnt available anymore”. And B) i have a blast playing koth. And ffa. Tdm isnt my cup of tea, but im not gonna say other people dont like it. Different strokes my friend.
@CageShowstopper i agree with you. Unfortunately the gears community is the most egotistical, arrogant, spiteful, trifling, and flat out obnoxiously toxic group of man babies out there. They have no appreciation for anything the coalition does. Quite frankly im quite sure the large majority of them complain about the game out of habit. 90% of them decided they hated the most recent movement update before they even tried it out for a few games. The rest of them complain about lag and bad hit detection, yet are too lazy to run an ethernet wire and instead play over a wifi connection that has a minimal amount of bandwidth and is being used by an entire family simultaneously. And the router is on another floor of the house or on another side of the house, or both. Ive seen people spout off the most vile hate speech on global chat that if you had no context, youd think it was for somebody like Adolf Hitler. When in actuality its directed towards a stranger whose atrocity committed was beating them in a koth match. They have no patience for anyone new to the game who wants to learn…since they were all ■■■■ out their mommas womb knowing how to brutally up-a someone and well bounce like a super bouncy ball on adderall.