Please just remove trades

Im not pro but ive logged a ridiculos amount of hours in every gears game. Never has trading ever been this frequent. Whether its because of lag compensation or some other feature i dont know but the trade window being at 0 and having constant trades is suspect. I understand if 2 people take the same shot, same time same frame it happen fine. But realistically i shouldnt play like 5 games and have 3 trades each game, sometimes more. There no chance that many people are popping off at the exact same time. Maybe its me. Might be. But ive gotten more trades in the last lets say 3 to 6 months then ive ever gotten ever. Its very questionable

I’ve noticed a lot of trades, even though most of the players and I were around 20 to 50 ping.
Didn’t really expect it to be this frequent, but not gonna complain about it.

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I would say i prefer to trade. Every time it happens i think “ya, were both winners today”. It fills me with a little joy knowing we could both succeed by working together!

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I’ll take the trade over getting bodied


It doesnt like REALLY bother me, i just think its way too frequent.

3 trades a match??? those are rookie numbers…gotta pump those numbers up! hahaha. On a serious note though I get like 5 to 10 a game. More when I play KOTH or Guardian. I feel your pain

Wanna know how to remove trades?

Stop shooting each other, same time. :roll_eyes:
One of you shoot first, then other shoot after.
Take turns, guys.
If you can’t decide, play rock, paper, scissors.
Play nice, have fun. :+1:t2:


Best advice I’ve ever received in the forums lol

No. People don’t seem to understand that you are not seeing exactly what the other person is seeing, at the exact time. Trades help correct the times when you swear you shot first but still died. It’s not ideal but it’s fair given the limits in technology.

I understand we see what the other person is seeing otherwise it wouldn’t be a trade. Original poster is stating the that the probability of both shooting at the exact same time all the time is unlikely. we know what we are seeing…we just don’t agree with it. lol

Played my first VS last night in about 6 weeks, maybe more, and I was surprised how wide the window is.