Please just remaster gears 2 already

Pretty please with sugar on top

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Yeah it would be nice to see the old maps again that never got put on any of the new games like hail stasis ruins and river. The dark corners maps as well. I think they will remake gears of war 2 at some point but I think they are probably already planning 6

No. No. No. No. No.

Let TC be greedy and have easy money? Take the safe option? Let them ruin a classic?

I love Gears 2 with all my heart but one thing that would make me lose all my faith in TC is a Gears 2 remaster.

Nah, leave it alone. TC will destroy that too

Xbox insider post lol what a joke

Where’d you take that screenshot? Don’t really do social media so cant tell where they posted that from the pic alone.

It was posted by xbox insider official on facebook where they promo the upcoming news very reliable source!!!

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Ah thanks man

No problem, im livid that gears 6 is even in discussion let alone promoted by Microsoft given what a ■■■■ show gears 5 is 2 months into launch

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If TC remasters GOW2, they should bring back the launch blindfire mechanics where the shots would always hit the ground directly in front of you. Would be fun to see the community’s reaction, and would probably cause people to appreciate Gears 5 a lot more.

I mean. They did the Gears 1 remaster pretty well. I don’t think TC would go the MWR route and add in their Gears 5 store or anything, it’ll probably just have some extra skins that weren’t in the first game like with UE.

Yeah but it seems like a guess-and-check since the games that have been announced are all Microsoft properties, and the ones that haven’t are just in relation to MS or Xbox GP titles (Like Gears 6).

It’s very possible some of those titles are legitimate while others are just there to catch people’s eyes.

Its promo-ing there next xbox insiders every game that has been in these events have been in development and now awaiting release. lol

Not sure why they would be thinking bout 6…5 is a complete mess with little or no one playing it.

They said it would be a new trilogy 4 5 and 6 so regardless of what goes wrong with 5 etc they are definitely thinking about 6. They are probably watching what fails on 5 and using the info for 6 brainstorming. They will tweak 5 a fair bit and I’m not saying they actually have anything concrete for 6 yet but what I’m saying is I can’t see them remastering 2 while they are in the middle of a self announced trilogy. The fact 5 needs so much work currently and that they have confirmed there will be a 6 just reinforces my point that 2 will not be remastered any time soon. I love 2 and tbh I’d rather have 2 remastered than a gears 6 especially after 5 not really hitting the spot for me.

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I thought TC would’ve made a good microtransaction system in Gears 5, after the antics of the Gears packs in 4.

I’d have thought there would have been more characters in Gears 5 roster, given how many was in Gears 4.

I’d have thought that they wouldn’t have had the nerve to sell content given in a previous game, as a $5 add on.

From a microtransaction point of view, I don’t have any trust in them. At all. They thought they could sell the Gears 2 curbstomp, before the negative backlash they got.

More and more man I have the feeling that the would do a piss port job remastering such a jewel as Gears 2.

I think we should leave it alone. it works as it is right now.

If Gears 3 would be taken my MOON STUDIOS to remaster it , I would be definetely be interested to make the purchase, if its TC i won’t even encourage it for them to remaster it.