Please help with xbox glitch

Idk if this is allowed here or not, but I recently got Gears 4 from Games with Gold and I’ve been having this flashing blue light constantly. I can’t find anyone having this problem online. I’ve tried changing hdmi cables, uninstalling and reinstalling, changing video settings, everything I can think of. I have an One X and a HP 23es monitor. The monitor only has 1080p so it can’t be a 4K issue. Please help :frowning:

going to need a vid, in order to understand whats going on.

but if i had to guess, it could be a monitor issue, so if possible try a different monitor.

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Hit the home button and then X record a clip… Go onto your PC and use the xbox app and download the clip, then post it…


I too vote monitor issue—try another one if possible or hook it up to a TV just to see.

Could be just a coincidence that it just now started after trying this game. Or it could be some sort of compatibility issue with your monitor and/or console settings/setup? Idk.

Also you could try resetting your monitor to factory and then maybe do a factory reset on your Xbox (keep the games of course)

That’s all I got. Good luck, sounds like a PIA

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so it looks like your monitor it automatically adjusting the saturation, that or turning HDR on and off, see if you can find any settings on your monitor that would automatically do that and disable them.

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I would definitely hook your console to a TV or monitor and see what happens before you go further with anything else.

Also try factory reset on your monitor as I mentioned in post above. GL