Please help (Ranking Bs)

Okay so I posted about this back in may for some reason I’m onyx 3 ( was at 79.99%) but I won 6-7 games back to back and it dropped me in points. So I lost a game and it dropped me even more. Then I was at 66.11. I won 6-7 more games and now I’m at 64.11 please explain how I’m supposed to get into diamond if I keep being punished for winning

The reason for this is because of one thing…TC.


It seriously sucks man…

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I honestly don’t believe you lol. I’m calling BS and gonna say you’re exaggerating a ridiculous amount.

You don’t lose percent off a win, especially not 7 times in a row, then another 7 times in a row again.

Then you clearly don’t play core TDM, I’ve lost about 3ish times today. Yesterday I was 145 wins ( exactly) and 113ish loses. Now today I’m 171 wins and 116 loses. At the start of the day I was 79.something percent then got knocked down to 64 now I’m sitting at 49.05 currently and I’ve won far more than I’ve loss. So what’s the deal.

Yea man I’ve lost off a win streak too, it is beyond me. Although I would understand if you did poorly during said win streak, but still it should be minimal. My frustration is playing with kids who don’t kn ow how to play, or playing on solo against stacks.

Yeah, well i just went OFF on this game in the past 2 days. 122 Losses/ 176 Wins and Im 18.18% HOW TF DOES THIS MAKE SENSE

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