Please help missing skins

Hello, I was watching the live stream of the San Diego event then all of a sudden I couldn’t claim anything. I don’t know what skin it was … it happened during the ghost gaming ,space match … pls help it started working again for the finals

Which skin the san diego torque bow or the early access animal lancer?

Unfortunately they wont give it again as far as I know Especially for the latter one. After the stream issue was fixed they given another opportunity to claim the animal lancer skin

Ok I got the animal skins . Did they give any out during the match before the finals? If they did I missed them because i was having issues with the steam then. All the quest were just loading continuously.

The last one before the animal skins was SD Torque Bow but this was before the final batch of problems began.

The quests “loading” happened to everyone.

There were tech issues causing the Quests not to load properly,and if logged in during this issue you will be awarded the skins. Please, allow up to two weeks to appear in game.

Will be closing now since the event is over.

Also the Animal Skin will be available on the next title update as per the Watch & Win article