Please help me!

listen, ive been playing gears of war 4 since it’s announcement way back, and in the ranked plays I haven’t gotten any of the ranked skins ive worked for. for instance I hit onyx back in like season 2-3 and I never got my emblem or anything so is there anyway someone can help me get my skins? ive had too many rage quits to not ever have them so please help.

bad news: Your unlikely going to get skins from past seasons as TC never assist people with missing ranked skins for those that are missing certain ones. Either people are making false claims or they have other priorities.

Good news: Season rewards are now claimable from the my rewards page, so once you hit a rank you can instantly claim the reward from that page!

This season the ranked skin awards will be for: Lancer, Boomshot, Torque Bow, Enforcer and overkill. (ranked weapon skin awards no longer on a playlist basis but rather given 5 at once based on your highest placement)

thanks, sucks to know that I tried for nothing.

The ranked emblems were only available in season 0.

I had gold on 5 playlits , season 4. Today, could not claim them.

I had gold on 5 playlits , season 4. Today, could not claim them.

You are going to have to wait until they manually hand your out.

Thank U for the info , will wait 2 weeks