Please help me to fix my game

Hello my fellow gears,

Since the OP 7 update my game has become unplayable.

In horde my ulti and the energy doesn’t show up.

In escape the same happen, and sometime i hear the sound of the escape pod but my screen is still loading…

All of my game are laggy as f…

I dont even try multiplayer anymore as it is unplayable too, player teleport in front of me and i die without seeing them…

I live in france and have hight speed internet, i’ve already try to clear the cache of my xbox one x, reinstall the game, reboot my router nothing seems to work…

Any suggestion ?

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I don’t remember having ever seen anything like that.

If you play with a different account, you have the same problem? Or if you play splitscreen?

I just try with my dummy account, same thing happen.

Sometime in horde or escape my utli and energy came back after a few minute or sometime it doesn’t show up at all…

Seems like server issue but my ping is very low, at least in horde.
And sometimes my class or gamertag is not in the list of player in game very weird !

The best that you can do is submit a ticket:

Ah…man…look at the Symbol right Hand Corner.

It’s phenomenal if you have that Symbol.

It shows that Your connection is Very Slow (Not about the Ping one) that cannot synchronize at the Same Time.

Once your Symbol disappear, you can Smoothly play the Game.

How to solve the Problem? You may need to Track Down your Connection or Default Setting (I don’t know exactly in the Xbox)

Problem Solved :wink:.

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I had played waves and some escapes with that symbol, but I never had issues like the OP.


I had this problem before when I was using Mobile Hotspot, which is extremely slow.

So I 100% Guess it’s about the Problem of the Speed Connection.

After several Minutes or more, it’ll remain Normal. It just requires Time to Synchronize to connect the Server for the Stuff like your Energy & your Ultimate.

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You write “high speed internet”, that’s a bit vague. What speed and connection type? Wired or wireless connection? If you are on wifi then try wired.

I get packet loss a lot (the diamond symbols) and have similar problems in the US which does make the game unplayable.
My ISP replaced lines and equipment inside and outside and I upgraded my modem/router but it didn’t help.
I also submitted a support ticket but never got a response.
If anyone has found a solution I would appreciate it too.
Sorry I can’t help.

Indeed I have the symbol at the bottom right in all my game, but what’s weird is that I can get this symbol and a 5ms ping.

I don’t think my connection is the problem as I could play normally before the OP7 update.

My xbox is wired connected, here are my statistics, i have 0% of packet loss :

I’ll make a ticket maybe