Please help me the coalicion

I have been playing for more than 3 days and nothing comes up on King of the Hill I win 5 games and I do not raise anything but if I lose I get low and that makes me unfair as they want to get to diamond if they do not fix the ranks by fa fix it my gamertag is this verg0nzales910 in case you like to see it

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Just because you want to be a Diamond doesn’t mean you deserve to be a Diamond. It’s not all about winning but also your overall performance against players who are not only at your rank but higher than you. The most likely thing here is that you’re the rank you’re supposed to be at. Hell, I’m a Diamond 3 and I’d love to be a Diamond 4 but it’s just not moving up. Can you guess why? It’s because at this moment in time I’ve hit my peak skill level just like you have.

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