PLEASE HELP: Gilded RAAM challenge achievement issue

UPDATE: Looks like no one has a solution to this yet. I know that others have experienced this and I contacted TC about it and hopefully they follow up but this is all I got from them. I ASIO contacted Microsoft and they had nothing either.

Hey, been a while since I’ve been on here but I have a question I couldn’t find the answer too:

How does completing (in story mode) a chapter on a difficulty register in the game?

I played and beat the campaign on insane difficulty, online co-op with a friend right after Gears 4’s launched a few years back but for some reason Act IV Chapter 5 shows I beat it on normal…and I don’t remember ever switching the difficulty during the campaign—I would never play anything less than insane.

Anyways the challenge requires you to beat co-op on hardcore so I hopped in a co-op match making for that chapter and beat it with some random dude online and for some reason it still says I have only beaten it on normal.

Do you have to play through a previous chapter and then continue through the chapter you need? Do you have to start from the beginning of the Act? From the beginning of the campaign?? Or is there the possibility that this is a bug?

I already got over re-up 10 so that’s one achievement down and if I play a match of horde I’ll have the 1 million points achievement. So that just leaves the co-op hardcore one.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has info or rather an answer.


It’s all messed up. Mine shows me that I didn’t play most of the levels, but I somehow beat the last two on Hardcore (in reality, I played the whole thing through on hardcore and normal both).

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Do you have to start from the beginning of the Act?
No you do not, just the specific chapter you need. Are you certain it started you at the right chapter during the co-op game. Sometimes it will jump to the next one.
Also even if you select Hardcore, when the game screen comes up you get the option to pick what skill level you want, you may have accidentally picked a different/lower skill.

Best bet play using two pads with one as guest. Set the guest to easy and the account you want the cheveo to, to hardcore and leave that pad idle. There are a couple of sections when you need two players but I’m unsure what bit you are on.

Good luck.

If you want to give it a go I am happy to run through the chapter you need and the one beforehand to see if that helps :slight_smile:


I was pretty certain I didn’t change the difficulty during my play through. But I might give that controller thing a try I just got the 1 million achievement so now that’s the only one I need. Thanks for the input.

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Where do you see your challenge point progress? I’ve looked in achievements and don’t see it. What screen is it in?

If you are PC it doesn’t show up.

Are you on console?

I’m on both, but have been playing on the PC. Just turned on console, i can see the challenges now. I’m re-up 10, but that one says locked still. I have completed the campaign on hardcore co op, but it shows locked as well. I’m at 0% on points even though I just finished a 1-50 on inconcieveable.

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It can take a bit of time to update.

I had that issue as I am on PC and needed to set up my wifes xbox to see the challenges, and it was delayed by an hour or so.

I would say give it 24 hours, and if doesn’t pop, message TC HERE

I play with a friends on insane and retry last night with wife Just act one and she got the gold wing next to her but it never show on my account . I almost got it done on the highest one Any luck of info on fix it Does anybody want to try it together and stop and see and if it work or just go all the way and the see like to get it done and hope it not mess up like the other gear have done before add me if you want too pjjaye