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Please have Death Count in KOTH?


(SmoothSaylor) #40

To see who is just running in the hill dumb.

I’m just saying, it’d be nice to have for people to wake up and realize deaths matter as much as kills.

People think just cause high kills means you’re doing good.

That’s all I’m trying to get across.

(HayMaker304) #41

Sometimes it’s the guy running in the hill dumb that breaks the hill and helps out. Remember when they are capping the hill they aren’t gaining points. It also gives your team time to get off respawn to make a 3-4 man push towards the hill. Especially if I take 1-2 of them down with me

I do it a lot and it’s quite a nuisance. I die a lot doing it

You prob call me a trash player - because with my 30 kills i may have 20 deaths. I am not a camper and I’m always swinging for the fences.

(Duffman GB) #42

All about the Hill baby :wink: well it is and it isnt of course,
If you have a “slayer” on your team it will certainly help as they are stopping the enemy by having them in respawn a lot of the time, thusly not able to break and hold.

I wouldnt put too much importance in their deaths. More concerned with doing a job for the team, much like smokes and spotting BOTH SO IMPORTANT in Hill.


KOTH stands for

King Of The HILL

not King Of The KILL


Then it would be “KOTK”. And that just doesn’t sound nearly as cool


That’s really not my point, it’s about winning with a team.
Something I say is, Call them left, right, high and low, and toss smoke before you go.

(III EnVii III) #46

Agreed, I’d rather see Assists.

(Omen LP) #47

Omg, omg, every koth player should have this printed out in big font, over their monitor/TV!!!

it’s the list of the opposite of what I see playing KOTH, in almost every match…


run away from a fight if it’s irrelevant

I see this all the time, even with 2v1 and 3v1!! Three team mates running after some random enemy, far away from the point!! WTF!!?

Back to the topic at hand: TC said in one of the dev streams they will NOT include a death counter for KOTH board, exactly for the reasons included in this thread. You are expected to die a lot, when breaking/etc…

(xTheAntMan) #48

With respect to showing deaths/time dead, escalation is VERY difference than KOTH because of the chance of domination.

I think the individual player score is a pretty good indicator of who’s pulling their weight. To OP - it seems your opinion of “doing great” is already biased towards K/D.

I can tell you right now, a player who is getting killed often is not likely to have a high number of caps and therefore won’t be in the MVP/top scorer mix. They are not likely to have top kills either as you are wasting so much time respawning and running back into a useful position. When you’re dead/respawning/across the map you get no caps/breaks, and you are less likely to come across enemies to kill.

(HayMaker304) #49

It’s so hard for people to understand.

Kills are worth 175pts

Capping a ring? - 300pts plus another 100 when you break it.



(xTheAntMan) #51

Often times capping the ring requires you to get a kill or two, or at least assist on them. Is it hard for you to understand you win this game by capping/breaking the circle - and it’s not won by superior k/d such as Execution or TDM? Also you’re typically going to max out at 12-20 caps in a game. Your kills can get to 50, 60, 70+.

(III EnVii III) #52

The superior your Teams K/D - the less you need to Cap and Break.

I’m sorry but it’s far easier to rack up Caps, Breaks and Deaths than it is to get 40-50-60+ Kills consistently every match.

I’ve won matches against Diamonds with only half a dozen caps too.


TC should just show the deaths at end of the match. Everyone could still focus while playing (unless they quit) and see how they did at the end of the match with a new death column for the scoreboard/stats.

(III EnVii III) #54

I just want a full match report at the end of games.

Maybe TC can incorporate rank and skill movements directly into this report after match completion, as well as all possible stats.

This way - they report can show where you lost rank/skill and same for gaining or staying the same.


Are you talking about how many wall bounces we did in the match? To fit all the extra stats, TC would just need to bring back what Epic Games Inc. has in the first Gears of War. After the match is over showing the scoreboard we pressed X on a GT to show more stats.

(III EnVii III) #56

I just want to know:

Kills, Deaths, Assists, Points, Caps, Breaks, Ribbons and so on.

Plus, with the ranking system / skill system, for the games, see a + or a - symbol or a “0” to see where the gains, losses and neutral aspects of the stats were,

(SASxVEN0MZz) #57

As everyone has said, If TC implement a K/D ratio everyone will become scared of losing their positive K/D so they’ll most likely start camping and KOTH is one of the few game modes were you should really focus on getting hills. If I play in stacks (Very rare) I have 4 people focus on the hills and 1 person focus on kills to occupy the opposition. Cheap tactics I know

(Hot Chili Fries) #58

every situation is different, tbh. Some games you’ll see some dude just going for kills and kills only, and so if there was a death count, that would just further his motivation to use modes like KOTH to farm kills and points and just ignore the objective altogether. Getting a lot of kills is important in any game mode, but no matter what, a kill is going to be helpful in KOTH.

I can empathize with someone who says they’re doing “amazing” but are dead most of the match, but I just wouldn’t state it that way. I myself prioritize the objective over everything else, so I get plenty of deaths. The key is to make every death count.

Did you kill or damage a player on the other team using a power weapon?
Did you “break” the hill?
Did you at least down a person before you died?

These are the main reasons people lose in KOTH. While most players are focused on just killing one person at a time, they’re not focused on every other part of the game that is also important. I’ve had players message me that I’m trash or whatever, yet I have the most points with the least downs and kills simply because I play the objective and assist other players in the ways I just listed.

a death counter is not going to change anything in KOTH. In every game that has KOTH, death count is one of the least relevant statistics. I’ve had KOTH games in Halo 3 where my team and I died over 30 each times yet our team still won because we played the objective better.

(Omen LP) #59

Not 100% on point, but kinda relevant to the general idea contained here. Take a look at this short clip: ; each of my team mates who made it to NEXT will get 300 points and a cap added to their score… For what?? :slight_smile: