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Please have Death Count in KOTH?


(SmoothSaylor) #1

Can we please add death count to the select menu stats in King of the Hill?

I’m tired of people saying they’re doing amazing, but they’ve been dead most of the match.

Just cause you have lots of kills doesn’t mean you’re helping.



In Koth it does.
You aren’t using up any re-spawns, and if you are getting dozens of kills, you are a pretty good player, even if you die a lot.
If there was a death count, you would probably see a lot more camping. Koth is an aggressive mode, and not having the death counter helps keep it that way

(SmoothSaylor) #3

Nah man, kills matter to an extent. Running out and getting random kills doesn’t help tons, key kills matter.

You get people with 30 kills who are dead half the game =\

At least you can gauge who is the dead weight on your team.

(mike yaworski) #4

I’d say this is partly true. Lots of kills definitely helps, but staying alive is also super important. Staying alive so you can maintain hills and map control makes the win much easier.

E.g. 40-20 is generally better than 50-38 IMO.

I know you didn’t say “deaths don’t matter”, but I’m going to use a strawman argument here since others do say that. If deaths don’t matter much, then why do kills matter? You killing the enemy means they die. If deaths don’t matter, your kills don’t matter either.

Respawning takes time, loses you the position and leaves your teammates down a man. So a death can have a domino effect.

But yeah I don’t necessarily want a death counter on the stats either. Just saying there’s a balance to getting kills vs deaths.

(Krylon Blue) #5


But we don’t need a death statistic on the leaderboard for a Game Mode where the primary objective is to get captures. The moment you put a K/D on the board you’re telling people it’s important to worry about their ratio. I don’t need teammates avoiding an objective because there’s a high death risk in doing so. The scoreboard should show kills and I’d argue that a high amount of kills is more of a representation of your help to a team without showing the deaths.

By the way, 30 kills is considered good on a consistent basis in a KotH match? I generally see way more than this in every match I play. (This is in reference to the OP)


Yes. My point exactly. Things would get really campy really fast lol

(mike yaworski) #7

I don’t really think you can generalize this. If I’m in a stack, none of us get 30 kills because it’s over too quick and we just pin down with lancers.

If it’s a stack-vs-stack sweaty game, again, good chance no one gets 30 kills because it’s all setups and waiting for teammates to push and stuff.

If it’s a bunch of players not really setting up (maybe everyone is solo) and you win 2-0, yeah 30 kills is good, though a lot of people may have 30 kills. If it’s 2-1, maybe not “good” but not bad either.

All depends on the lobby. Probably best to just compare your kills and downs to everyone else’s to see if it’s good.

(Krylon Blue) #8

I actually like how Gears doesn’t show your K/D publicly so there’s less of a reason to worry about it. My primary goal while playing a match is to help my team win and that means each match will be different.

  1. I may lead in kills and be close to the top in captures but I also may lead in kills but lack the captures because I was keeping the enemy away from the objective instead of capturing it.

  2. I may have a lot of captures with minimal kills and possibly a lot of downs. There’s a chance with this same play style I may have minimal captures but lots of downs and minimal kills as teammates finish them off.

Either play style is beneficial to the team. Everyone takes a role and it depends on the match itself. One game I may go in doing it all and the next I play a role as the map/team make up calls for it.


For solo players, there is one playstyle, namely rush till you get gibbed, then repeat😂

That’s why I feel like a fish out of water when I play on a team lol

(Krylon Blue) #10

I agree with you. I worded it wrong because I do have the same experience. It’s all situational and depends on the match itself. I’ve had plenty of 30 kill matches but I’ve also had a ton of 50-70 kill matches.

Basically I’m going for my best performance all around and at the end I always want to see that Solid ribbon. I don’t worry about my overall K/D during a match though because I feel doing so may make me avoid a situation that I should go for. Don’t get me wrong though I don’t dive in head first into a group of enemies just to get that one kill. I will wait for my team unless it’s a do or die situation. I’ve had a friend say that they wouldn’t go into a circle and break it because their K/D will suffer. It was a long shot but they were the only one near it and the enemy was 10 seconds from winning the match. Needless to say, we lost and our teammate just Lancered at them as it ticked away.

(mike yaworski) #11

My thoughts just ignore the scoreboard entirely. Every decision in game is just the best decision at the time - not about putting a number on the board. Smoke and play the RNG fight if you need to break a hill, don’t go for the cap if it’s not worth dying for, run away from a fight if it’s irrelevant and you can get to the next hill, wait for teammates to get angles, etc.

But that’s obviously only if I’m trying hard to win and want to play perfect. Most of the time it’s a stomp and I just play to have fun and get kills, even if I lose some points because of it.

(SmoothSaylor) #12

If not showing deaths is important, then why show kills?

If someone sees their deaths are adding up, it may make them start playing smarter and actually helping in important situations.

(Krylon Blue) #13

Best description I’ve ever heard and it represents my play style to a tee.

(AliceInChainsaw) #14

If you’re not MVP, then you aren’t doing amazing.

(mike yaworski) #15

I kinda like this sentiment

(SmoothSaylor) #16

I just see it as a way to see how you’re benefiting your squad. It may even allow your teammates to say ‘wake up’, let’s rush in together instead of trying to solo rush in and die.

Just because someone isn’t getting kills doesn’t mean they aren’t helping.

But when someone dies, they can’t help at all =\

(Krylon Blue) #17

I’m okay with kills showing because it doesn’t make a player worry about an actual negative statistic. If they wanted to remove kills that’s fine too. I think the main reason it’s shown is because kills count towards your overall score so they show it on the scoreboard. Deaths don’t count towards your score so they’re not necessary.

(SmoothSaylor) #18

What is this pre-school where everyone gets a ribbon even if they fail?

I think it’s important to see your stats and on your next respawn you can adjust accordingly.

(Krylon Blue) #19

Not happening.

If you play with a squad the whole team already knows this. If it’s a bunch of randoms it’s going to continue being a rush and die type of game because no one wants to crossfire. I’ve got friends who refuse to lancer so I avoid playing with them. I’m not willing to have enemy teams crossing me while no one does it back.

I’d rather they do away with kills on the board than adding a death count. I remember how often players in CoD played objective modes like TDM just because of the K/D statistic.

(Krylon Blue) #20

To be fair if you fail often enough odds are you aren’t getting any kills or captures either. During a match it’s not that difficult to figure out how much help a teammates been with the current scoreboard statistics.