Please go away Coalition. Wheres cliffy B when you need him

I hate that they based this game off the opinions of ppl who dont give a ■■■■ about the series. I always thought TC were huge fans of the game when the gear 1 ultimate came out. Its clear to me now that was ■■■■■■■■ because i dont think they have ever played the series. TC just wanted a quick cash grab and sadly us very dear gears fans we get ■■■■ on. If you were a huge fan of the originals dont get this garbage. feels like EA made it from the stufff like a 25$ dollar blood spray. Also Their creativity in this one is horrid. no colors in anything just plain boring ■■■■.




TC should take notes.


Too busy scamming people with early access trash that gets shut down after two weeks.


Speak for yourself. I am enjoying this game. It has some problems but overall I like it. Also you might wanna go see a doctor about your eyes because this game is very colorful


I didnt say the game isnt colorful. i said their sense of customization isnt. Why hasnt their been any patches to fix anything? Its bcause ethey dont care


This is what you said. Nothing about customization

You seem to have no idea what your talking about. Theres been server side patches to fix things and theres a title update coming in the next few days to fix other things


Bosskey folded, and servers for radical heights were left on for a bit even after that. Also how exactly was an early access free to play title scamming anyone?

Isn’t the concept of early access that the game eventually gets finished to justify your purchase and isn’t just abandoned?

It would have been if there was any money left to develop it. BossKey released LawBreakers which was an arena shooter with a skill gap much like gears but in a different way. Despite the mechanics being good the game did not sell well on PS4 (odd choice honestly I dont believe it was even on steam.) In an attempt to salvage the company Cliff and team tried to put out radical heights to try and save the company and manage both I would assume. Radical heights wasn’t enough to save the studio and it folded. Now I am assuming you bought into it and for that I am sorry but BossKeys financial troubles were why I didnt buy into anything radical heights and obviously a lot of others didnt either. It happens but I dont think cliff made any substantial amounts of money if anything it probably cost him in the end.

do you actually think getting Bleszinski is going to fix the issues people have with this game? it’s like the masses on social media don’t really understand that big AAA games are made by studios that house many people.

he was backed up by a great long standing and storied studio. Epic was more than just “Cliffy B”. They cut their teeth on the massively popular Unreal Tournament for years before making Gears.


& Bulletstorm wooo!
Never played an Epic game that wasn’t good.
But I certainly wouldn’t want Cliff back & I can imagine he wouldn’t wanna be back.
Same could be said for the new Epic Games, I see people asking for them to take over, I’m just like “Whaaat?”.
From I read ages ago NONE of those people even worked on GoW, so why would they leave their own creation in order to beat a dead horse?

There’s gotta be coders & whatnot out there who actually care about GoW, why aren’t we calling for them?!


Very true … Gears not gonna go anywhere with coalition …


You do know TC aren’t in control of micro-transactions right? Learn all the facts before you try and back up your argument.

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They don’t be able to fix the game, the game crashes randomly, It sometimes shows GW502, a BSOD, or suddenly the game closes itself without error messages.

I filled the form on Gears5 support website:
I never got a reply, also Microsoft never replied my messages on Answers Microsoft websites, only Nvidia told me via E-mail they are already aware of this issues when I sent them proofs and MSconfig logs, DXDiag logs, etc. They reproduced the issues and are investigating the root cause, but It’ll happen as Gears of War 4, working forever on a fix and that fix never came.

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Just saying, even if you were to get Cliffy B back there’s no guarantee he’s the same person he was when he left the franchise, because he isn’t.

Everyone who wants Cliffy B back should do themselves a favor and do a bit of research on the person he has become. He’s pompous, arrogant, and, IIRC, left the series because of the way people play the game now.

The moronic posts on this forum keeps on delivering entertainment! It’s good to be reminded of just how many weird people there are out there.

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