Please... give us some ammo in horde

Being starved of ammo in horde getting on my nerves man, after every single wave i have to go run to an ammo box before another teammate gets it. I wish everyone had enough ammo to make it more of a ya know satisfying experience. Theres nothing more annoying than being low on ammo the entire time you are playing. Like come on end this madness.

Also since im here ranked is broken… I GET PUT IN BRONZE AND SILVER AND I AM PUT UP AGAINST PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE IN DIAMOND LIKE WHY??? I may be more of a casual player right now but i am by no means bad at this game i’ve been playing since gears1 sorry if im not a crazy ■■■ mlg player.


A Level 4 Locker per person will make your ammo problems go away.


One locker can still almost provide for a team :joy:. These complaints are whacky


If you have the damage increase cards of the main weapons, the locker it’s ■■■■■■■ useless

Yes, more ammo would be great
when I interact with the locker my weapon disappears, so, no ammo from there



Once the Engineer gets you a locker up, and assuming he has overclock cards, you are sorted.

I would like to see the ability of Jack to pick up & move the ammo chests (which he can do in All Fathers and Reclaimed) feature put in all maps

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Just use your default weapons and buy them from fabricator.
Why should people put a weak weapon in a weapon’s locker instead of a Trishot/Salvo?

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Right there is whats wrong with this game…peeps stuck with crap starting loadouts…u need the fabricator opening up to buy any weapon…also when u see lockers full of trishots/salvos…completely highlights how little skill is required to play 5…why its boring and unimaginative…same as filling lockers with gls for jd :roll_eyes:


That works, but that’s assuming you have an engineer, and that the engineer isn’t a moron. Being in a match without an engineer, or with an engineer that fails to build lockers, isn’t exactly unheard of. Also, lockers tend to often get filled with crap. I appreciate trishots are strong, but do we need 10 of them?


I guess this will rely on the Engineer and the team, but the way I always play with friends is to build everyone a locker and let them choose what to do with it themselves. If they want 4 Enforcers or 4 Tri-shots, then feel free to go nutts!


Any game that has a multi and a dwindling player basis does this. There’s so few people left when someone is in que for a match, the game throws them against anyone who is available to keep that person playing the game. If your in bronze and being paired against diamond it means there’s not many players in diamond. So when the diamond players are in que long enough match making throws them at you so they have something to play.

Yeah that sounds more than reasonable and workable. Unfortunately I play with randoms mostly, and your method isn’t too common then I’m afraid.

I think here lies the problem - public games. Some people are idiots and some are just incompetent. With public games it is always a lottery. Aside from the Horde special events like Dark Fate or Jingle Juvies, I have never played public Horde on GOW5. At most I join a lobby from the lobby list or play with friends. Honestly, I advise any Horde player to do this - make the time to network a bit, build up your friends list so you have like-minded players who you can play with regularly. It makes the game a much more enjoyable experience when you get to play as a team. Communication is also important and with friends, you’re more inclined to talk and use voice chat. With strangers, not so much.


Yes custom horde is way better than match making. In match making people tend to bail if they don’t get the char they want. If someone leaves no one else can join in.

Someone hasn’t played as JD in a Master run. Or Kait in a Master run. Or Keegan in a Master run.

Lockers are top priority after the Forge in high difficulty Horde runs.


Exactly. Some people only talk/write because they have mouth/fingers.

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Good luck doing a solo run with a character which can’t build a weapons locker.

This ammo starvation is yet another reason why I like this Horde much less than earlier versions…


I play as the Engineer, it is my preferred Class. I always start with Barriers, upgrade then to level 2 and then i build Weapons Lockers, always start with 2, upgraded to level 2 and then start on other things. I will build more Weapons Lockers depending how they are used, the most i have built is 9. One for each player, one full of Rocket Pods, one full of Trishots and others with Markza, Boomer and Cryo Cannon.
It is important for me to get at least 2 out, if not for myself, as i get rid of my Embar as soon as i see a Markza, and i have this thing for Boomers and Rocket Pods.
But, there is no reason at all why you should not, or the Engineer be building Weapons Lockers. Everyone knows the state of the game, everyone knows about the Ammo boxes. Hells Bells, i have been having the Ammo problem since Gears of War 3 Horde, it has just, gotten worse in Gears 5 Horde.

By randoms I actually meant custom lobbies, but lobbies with people I don’t know. I’ve long since realized that the public matchmaking almost never will lead to a good match so I try to start my own lobbies or join those with a promising name set. Works well sometimes, but it is a lottery. I should perhaps heed your advice to add friends, I just haven’t had the energy to start managing the friend list.

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