Please give me a pink phantom Lacer gansher


What you ask for is presumably a pink Lancer with a Gnasher attachment.

What you displayed is a red and blue Overkill.

Heck I’ll like it anyway. :joy:


I hope they do make a come back where I can complete my set for sure.ty

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actually he asked for a lancer LACED with gnasher not a gnasher attachment or alternatively he wants a gnsher laced with a lancer

I think they were saying Pink Phantom Lancer and Pink Phantom Gnasher.

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are you saying the joke went over my head? because if so the deduction is false and you do not pass go and go directly to jail

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Haha :joy:


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Please keep an eye out on the Esports tab of this site, or social media for announcements if TC plans to re-release the original phantom skins.

Thank you, and will be closing this.