Please, for the love of God TC, please ask Microsoft to enable all Xbox Accessories app options on all controllers

I love the new Series X/S controller’s fit and feel, but FFS, is that default analogue stick sensitivity profile a dumpster fire. Why on earth some MS engineer decided to change it after the Xbox 360 is beyond all logic and reasoning, but hey, it’s not a difficult thing to alter in software, right?

Well, objectively, it isn’t, but MS has had a long-standing policy of locking this feature out in the accessories app for everything that isn’t an elite controller FOR NO REASON. This is so ridiculously anti-consumer that I’m shocked. I know TC can’t necessarily do anything about this, but somebody over there has to have some pull with the parent company.

I need to be able to change the analogue stick sensitivity curve profile from "default (AKA unusable garbage) to “smooth” (AKA what everyone figured out was the objectively best way to calculate this stuff over 20 years ago).

General Microsoft forums don’t really get any traction.

It’s a bit of a stretch to complain about an issue with hardware/software on a game studio’s forums. Sure, TC are under Xbox Game Studios, but there’s quite a few leaps from that before it reaches anyone who can do anything about it. You’re complaining in the wrong place, my friend.

Believe me, I know, but that’s by design in the world of Microsoft. It’s basically impossible to get them to take constructive feedback on anything short of millions of people on social media chewing them out.

Getting a few people who have the ears of some higher ups to make a suggestion is about the best I’m going to be able to hope for. Most people have no idea what an analogue stick sensitivity profile is, although they may know they prefer the way old sticks felt without knowing why.

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