Please for the love of all that is Gears

I play lone wolf 99% of the time. I am by no means a top tier player. However, I see a ton of players not use the most simple and basic day 1 strategies to play the game successfully.

If you play any type of online matches…


1: Provide spawn to action support fire

We spawn and have about 5sec-10sec until we reach the objective/action in most game types. Use that time to put a few lancer or pistol rounds into enemies who are engaged in fights with your team. Don’t roadie there and watch your team fight shotgun battles over an objective and then get killed unnecessarily.

2: Mark/Spot Enemies

Like stated above, use the time from spawn to the action to mark enemies and provide a few seconds of help for your teammates . Marking/Spotting is one of the most helpful tools when fighting shotgun battles. See your friend having a tough time seeking/fighting an enemy in a cover heavy area…MARK them!

3: Observe the kill count/objective clock

When you’re playing KOTH…please try to go to the next hill ahead of time(10sec left) to avoid having to work your way through the enemy setup. If it’s absolutely necessary to fight for the last few seconds of a hill that’s one thing. But trying to fight over 3 seconds when its 55 to 68 is pointless.

Or in a TDM type of game, keep an eye on that spawn count.
Please don’t just run willy nilly into oblivion only to find out you basically crushed your teams hopes of victory.

4: Use that Mic

How can I know what our next move or set up is if you’re in a party chatting with the gals?

Love ya babe


When I use to solo play on Gears, I would tell my team mates exactly what to do in KOTH, to succeed in winning.

However, none of them wanted to listen. Its like they didn’t want to get better and didn’t want to win.


I can totally agree with this. Many game I would give call outs and warn other players of enemies etc . Nothing over the top but the amount of times I got told to shut up,!

Maybe it is my Southern (:uk:) accent.:joy::wink:

I don’t bother anymore.


Is there a southern British accent?

How would y’all sound?

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People just hate being told what to do.


At least not the people who need to read this.


Hi mate, of course we have accents :wink:.
Southerners are more likely say mate a lot, maybe “mush” or “dinlow” as well.
I come from Portsmouth, about 90 mins from London.

:musical_score:There’s a Southern accent, where I come from :musical_score:
RIP Mr Petty.


Completely agree with you on all points but especially on marking. Marking is so helpful for shooting enemies through smoke, discovering where enemies are, tracking them behind walls or pillars, and understanding where your teammates focus is. Sadly, given how useful this feature is, it’s poorly under used.

I also especially agree on using a mic. Gears is a team game that benefits greatly from communication - Calling out enemy locations and where they’re going, coordinating a push or retreat, informing about weapon respawns, calling out players with certain weapons (“Marcus has nades. Watch for a toss”) and more. nearly every game I try to communicate it’s just crickets so I soon stopped bothering.


This should’ve been #1. Nothing else needs to have been said, lol.


Ummmm…this isn’t a basic strategy. The majority of the time, you end up spawning on the opposite side of the map, with the enemy team all clustered around the hill. Your best move in that situation is to rush over to the hill has fast as possible. I mean, if you come out of spawn and you see an opponent like right in front of you, then yeah I guess lancer them down. Your above scenario is very specific and doesn’t occur all that often.


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I’m pretty sure its a bit better sounding than our southern accents Slipping…


What accent?

You talk normal to me.


I’m not sure if you got what I was saying. I’m not suggesting “Don’t go to the hill”. I’m suggesting that on your way to the hill, provide support for your team. This scenario literally occurs every time you spawn. And yes, these are absolute bare essential strategies that should be used by the average player imo.

Mush or dinlow is more of a thing a gypsy would say

“Alright mush, di ck eye that gourga girl”

“Oi mate look at the baps on that bird” - southerner

Although the second is a dying breed, now its more

“Yo cuz look at that peng ting”

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Oh, for the love of Christ, aye it does, my boy. :joy:

@Slipping_Flames There are many British accents but most are tolerable.

Except Liverpool. That accent is painful, especially from women.


I feel the need to say that originating from Pompey myself that the true Pompey accent is an aural feast to behold! :joy:


it kind of feels like I’m the only one who spots enemies in the matches that I play. I mean, people know it’s a feature, right? Or are they just too dense to play in a team?


ay ay ay ay ay nah whatcha mean like

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There was a random bug introduced in an earlier title update that will not register stick clicks for some players so they cannot spot. Seems to be locked to profiles.

I.e my friend cannot crouch on a wall or spot. Thought it was user error so we swapped gamer tags and it wouldn’t work for me. Swapped back to our own gamertags and everything worked again. He switched gamer tags with his brother and his brother could no longer crouch or spot, even after resetting the controls back to default.

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the game desperately needs a PVP tutorial and by TC’s own admission the the game is hard to get into. Epic knew this. we know it.

a proper movement tutorial with basic moves like wall cancelling, bouncing, cover swap cancel. shooting with pop shots, up A’s, back A, wrap shots.

New players should be rewarded or encouraged to do simple things like Spot and check Tac-Com. Give them a counter (0/5) at the start of every match for that type of stuff and reward them at the end for getting all 5.

unfortunately what new players wont be doing is coming into these forums and learning from this thread. what they will find is big bold letters in-game saying BOOT CAMP

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