Please fix your matchmaking for the next reset

Please fix your ranking system when the next reset happens, I don’t know what more I could have done that game and I lose points.

Also please re-think how your matchmaking system pairs teammates, playing Masters solo is almost impossible because you will 100% be paired with melons.

These matchmaking and ranking issues remove all the fun from playing Gears 5 for me, really puts me off playing this game. I don’t recall Gears 4 matchmaking being this bad. You guys really need to step it up, operations 2 needs to really be good to keep me playing this game :confused:

Edit - I also get this message sometimes when starting Gears 5 for the first time and trying to search for a game, the only way to get rid of it is to close Gears 5 and re-open the game. Again, please fix

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At least you didn’t lose 12,000 points

I wish i did so i didn’t have to be in Masters, maybe i’d get human beings for teammates then

In all honesty though good round MVPs shouldn’t lose points or even top 2 players of a team.

When I solo queue, I’m at the top of my leaderboard and always lose due to teammates underperforming. Not by a little, but a lot. I also run into people who team up. Obviously you get punished for not teaming up

I was in masters on two accounts before the reset.

Teammates don’t get any better in the lower ranks either. Making the climb to masters again now, and 99% of my games have horrifically bad teammates going 2-12, 6-16 etc.

It’s really frustrating.

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Played only one ranked KOTH today. My total team tier points were 38,000, where I accounted for 18,000 of those. Other team was basically the same arrangement, with four noobs (one chainsawing the entire game) and one guy who seemed to be very highly ranked. Just a total circus. TC needs to be introduced to the concept of statistical variance and introduce it into the formula they use to match people based on their tier points.

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Having to have teams of people who seem like they never played gears before is one of the reasons why I stopped playing for a month… then i come back and its the same thing

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:joy::joy::joy: I might as well give up and go play viva piñata, great matchmaking TC, best in the business

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