Please fix the Overkill/cant pick up ammo box at end of Horde Wave issue

This has been a problem for a LONG TIME. The issue occurs when only 1 of the 2 loaded rounds in the overkill is fired at and kills the last enemy in a horde wave. If this happens, the animation is essentially “stuck” in mid-fire and wont complete until the resumption of the next round. When this happens that player cant pick up any ammo(guns on the ground or ammo boxes) until the start of the next round when the animation is finished. Ammo management is a huge part of Horde, and it is aggravating to the inth degree when you cant pick up ammo as the wave is ending. It can completely mess up the flow of the match, and imo shouldnt be a super complicated fix. Just allow the animation to finish before the wave ends. Thanks

prob low priority but yeah i know about this as well. i guess just dont use it at the end of a wave?