Please Fix The Matchmaking

As we all know, Gears 5 seems to be the most troublesome of the franchise when it comes to development and online matchmaking.

I just got finished with a match and I’m moreso looking for answers (as I know one complaint will force a change).

This was a TDM lobby that took place around 11:15pm where my team was comprised of:
2 Diamond 1’s
1 Gold 3 (friend)
1 low Onyx 2 (myself)

Whereas the other team was:
2 masters
1 diamond 1
1 diamond 2

In what way, shape or form is that a fair match up? There was 1 party on my team (myself and my friend) while there also being a 2 man party on the other team.

So far, I have to make up a genuine scenario where that is considered a fair match and I would love to get TC’s opinion

I have wrote this in the farmed for kills on Koth thread already.

I don’t play a lot of ranked so I was bronze 3, playing with a Gold 2, Onyx 2 and Onyx 3. We were put against a 4 stack of masters all playing on PC’s - one of our Onyx players play PC and comtroller.

It wasn’t balanced…

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Low playerbase is the answer.

Due to the new tuning, many players have already quit, so the playerbase dropped down even further.
Expect these kind of match up’s occurring often.

A few days ago, I played a TDM match in which my team had three onyx players (including me) and one gold player.

The opponent team had three master players and a diamond player.

Can’t complain but that’s just how it is.

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