Please fix the difficulty of the iron gain and MORE!

Getting iron in Gears 5 is like getting a promotion, it takes forever. Please fix the way we get iron for characters. The system is resembling a game I will not name but it’s highly undesirable and kind of low. Back when gears 4 offered their credits, everyone had a chance to get the characters even though it was RNG and a slight grind, still way better then spending $10 on a dang skin, an individual skin at that. why not do challenges to earn like 10 iron each time you complete one. Stop making this system so money based, and make it more for the players because as of right now the ranking systems, the tuning, the weapon balancing, and the shot reaction delay is really turning me away from the game overall. I try to enjoy it as much as I can but with all this happening to this game, and it’s supposedly being the next gen of gears, I expected more.

please bring attention to this thread so the developers can see this and hopefully tune and fix all of these problems that’s plaguing this game.

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Good point lmao

Iron is not meant to be passed out. It’s the premium currency. A lot of content will be given out through the ToD and other ways but we wont be getting iron on a daily basis


This is not a free to play game, there shouldn’t BE a premium currency.


Heres the thing, people need to realize that MTX’s are here to stay. For Gears its funding post launch content and I think its a better way then having a season pass which just separates the community and can also be worthless (looking at you Gears 4 SP). The problem is that the prices for content right now is too high. As long as they give great content for free through the ToD and whatever other ways they come up with I really dont see the problem.

People are acting like all the good content is behind a paywall when its really not. Most of the good stuff out right now is in the ToD. Also people are acting like this is the first Gears game with MTX’s while out of 6 Gears games theres now only 2 that DIDNT have them

Edit: I have a question for people that play other Multiplayer games…Are there any game out now or the past 5 years that havent had MTX’s? Im honestly wondering because theres not a lot of MP games I play

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It’s funny but I reckon if TC had decided not to use this Iron currency system and just sold certain items for straight money ($, £, € etc) like the AAPE or Terminator packs then people would complain less.

But once you dangle a little bit of Iron in front of them as a small reward, they start wanting more and go mental because they don’t totally see it as pure money - it’s an in game object to them which they feel should be acquirable.


Eh. I don’t know about that, people b*tched about both those packs pretty heavily.

I suppose what I’m getting at is that as TC have made small amounts of Iron available as rewards for the Tour Of Duty, it has whetted people’s appetites and raised expectations where they are now demanding more.

Basically I’m getting at the nature of the complaints. People will always moan about prices, value for money etc. I’m just referring specifically to people who are demanding more opportunities to earn Iron.

Yeah, that I will agree with wholeheartedly.

Anyone else miss the credits from Gears 4? Ironically, given the feedback and the fact it’s a sequel, it worked better than the iron in terms of earning rewards from any gameplay mode you choose.

People who mainly played Versus in Gears 4 didn’t get as much Credits as Horde players. But the current Supply system in 5 literally gives amount of Scrap based on what you own and time played. So playing Versus for 1 hour could give me a Legendary Art Deco duplicate for 600 Scrap, compared to playing Horde for 1 hour and giving the me the exact same reward. The Supply system is more fairer across game modes. All that matters is time played.

I consider Credits more related to Supply.

And Iron more related to outright real money purchases like those Black Steels.

I agree. Supply Drops are still RNG based and also produce Scrap so I feel it has more in common with the old Gear Packs and credits system.

I think TC have blurred the boundaries and expectations somewhat with the poor quality of many skins in the store that require Iron. For real money / Iron we want something alot nicer than Delivery Driver Mac!

I do agree that TC should have left certain items as real money, like Chrome Steel skins and whatever premium weapon skins that go with Esport while making iron more grindable. Even if we had to play a little more for iron while still being able to purchase it would have been more reasonable


You won’t have to pay for map packs in the future. In the past map packs have split the player base so I think this way is best for TC to sustain the game for them to keep providing us with content in the future.

I don’t like the current game currency to buy stuff from the store and no ways to earn nice skins but it doesn’t make this game a pay to play game at all.
Weapon skins and character skins won’t help me win a game but can make me look cool losing one.

I’ve already said this a couple of times by now but here I go again:
Esports should be the only “premium” content.

Simple, because the profits of this items are going directly to support the scene and Esports, ok they are over priced, but you got plenty knowledge that you are buying premium content.

Who in the name of sweetness can take
“mate skins”
“Rusty skins”
“Skeleton skins” ( that were free in 4 )
and Delivery Driver Mac (Sorry guys, it has to be say)
¿As premium content at such overpriced currency.?

Also, we got a new character+New arcade gameplay +
New hero for horde scape with ultimates and cards+ Boost
For almost the half of price.

The whole system is senseless.
And you may say
“Premium is for support post content”

Yeah …but why?
I remember how i been cheated with gears 4 season pass,totally pointless.
But they sold one pass, they sold retail copies, (hell they also did with 5) so, they could launched a finish product more polish and more stable, with tons and tons of cosmetics and functional gaming.

Who was the genius who thought that adopting a free to play model, launch an unfinished product, fix it post launch,fill it with tons and tons of useless cosmetics, and then recover gain’s via microtransactions was a good idea?

This game have lost 85% of their population who it’s going to buy stuff? The remain 15%?

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0.15% account for 50% of mtx purchases, 15% is probably doable.

They already said that Iron will be locked in the store and not grindable.

Because, cheddar.

So it doesnt split the community for one thing. Also with the rising cost to develope a game it keeps the retail price down as well

MTX’s have been apart of AAA’s for a long time now. With Gears its almost close to 10 years. Its nothing new. Companies are just getting greedy seeing how much money the f2p games are making. They can include MTX’s and no one will complain if done right