Please fix PvE matchmaking

When I leave a lobby its because I dont wanna play in that specific group composition. So why do I almost always get placed back in the same lobby I left when I go search for a new one?
I have faster matchmaking selected and 2 days ago I got placed in the same escape lobby 4 times in a row. I even stopped queueing for a minute in the hopes someone else would fill that spot but nope, the same 2 players again. I could be an ■■■■■■■ and let the game start to then leave but I dont wanna be that guy.
My workaround now is to switch game mode after I leave a lobby so If i leave an escape lobby i go look for a horde one but this shouldnt even be necessary.
Whats going on?

Also while were at it. Whats with the lobbies that only have 1 person in them. You queue for a match, find a match, theres just 1 person in the lobby other than you so you leave when the timer is about to run out. You later queue again and its another person but also just that person. You queue again and again just 1 player. Whats happening, whats preventing them from finding each other when looking for a group.

This game is too old to still be having these type of issues