Please fix NVIDIA Stutter issue

I have several friends with 2080ti cards and if we run any driver other than the Gears 5 launch drivers we get horrible stuttering after about 2-4 matches. The stutters are almost like random drops from 144fps down to 10fps for a brief moment but it happens more than 50x per match. Our FPS isn’t actually dropping though as the in-game, ASUS monitor and NVIDIA GeForce Experience are all staying steady at 120-144fps. The only solutions are to restart our game every 2 matches or run old drivers which prevent other games from launching properly. I find this to be unacceptable.

I’m not going to constantly reinstall old drivers because I need to revert to new ones for newer games. This needs to be fixed immediately as it’s been going on for more than 8 months and it’s gotten worse with the latest OP4 update.

@TC_Sera, can you forward this feedback to the right team to get this looked at?


Game didn’t feel well today. Hopefully better Tonight.

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It definitely felt rough but it’s a lot worse when the stuttering begins. It’s almost like adding a second or two of input lag to my controls as it’s visually skipping frames.

I tried older drivers yesterday during the day and it was fine but I had to upgrade to newer drivers to play Project Cars 3. I haven’t reverted back again and it’s not as simple as writing over old drivers as that’ll create some issues down the line. I basically have to do a clean wipe if I constantly do this and that’s a very tedious experience that takes a little bit of time to do it cleanly.


I just tried upgrading to AMD‘s latest drivers and normally I would get 144fps and then randomly the game would run like ■■■■, my monitor would say 66 and everything else would say 144.

I hope I don’t have these issues when I upgrade to the 3090!


I have issues with the tac com on PC using nvidia 1070. It blinks.

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Somehow doubt it & you won’t even be able to use the older drivers correctly as you need the latest with new hardware!

Guess will find out soon!

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Same issue with a 2070s. Before last patch i could play 80-90 fps con ultra. Now even on the lowest the stuttering is horrible, fps would go down to 50, activating dynamic resolution won’t even help.

Is your stutter instant? I am able to play for 2-3 matches, sometimes more, before I notice any stutters. Before OP4 I was able to play 5 matches guaranteed before the 6th became an issue every time. OP4 made this more unpredictable which is worse than before.

Maybe that will be the reason I stop playing if there are still driver issues. It might be a blessing in disguise.

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As one of the 2080ti owners, I raise my utter disappointment as of that.

First we had the crashing issues, and now we have this!

Versus slow movements with FPS drop is like playing an Escape match with Ultra Stopping Power modifier.

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Good example.

The stuttering makes competing nearly impossible. It’s added input delay added on top of frames skipping. It’s just awful and it keeps getting worse.

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Have you submitted a ticket to support? TC is aware of the issue and still collecting info as far as I know.

I did quite a while ago but not since it got worse with OP4.

I would advise putting in a new ticket and then, putting both ticket numbers here for @TC_Sera to collect.

Edit: I would also advise everyone else do the same.

I don’t even have the old ticket number as it was saved to my iPhone which I no longer have. I’ll have to submit a new one.

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My general feeling here is that if they hadnt fixed the GoW4 video problems before g5 launched, and if they havent fixed the video problems now despite countless people complaining and filing bug reports, i strongly suspect the problems are beyond their ability to properly diagnose, identify, and fix. So i dont think these will get fixed. Ever…

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I have ocasional FPS drops but nothing too crazy… Have them capped at 120 and on rare ocassions it drops down to 90. Its constant between 110-120.

RTX 2070 using ryzen, havent updated my nvidia drivers in a while so maybe thats whats helping me.

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Keep in mind these aren’t frame drops. Nothing signals a drop but the game stutters as if it’s struggling to load or memory is maxed.

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Yeah I get that. TBH I havent had that issue yet, at least not constant to consider it a real issue to be worry about

Would you mind sharing your actual driver version installed?