Please fix nade inconsistencies for 5

i know TC doesnt see this issue , but many people have complained and provided video of it happening. it exists and is very inconsistent. im talking about the nade that is right on the feet of players that goes off and they dont die or when its a few feet away. its a pain. and just annoying. would be great if they acknowledged it and attempted to do something about it for the future installment of course. i cant just blame it on the mex rooms with high ping flux. so please look into this TC.


What about when it says incoming smoke and its really a frag? Or when you see the frag run 10ft away from it and still die? Lol i wish frags had that kind of range when i throw them. Mine are the dead ones that land at your feet and never go off.

The exaggeration is off the charts. :sweat_smile:


Lol only slightly. Its just how it feels i bet if i play back that beautiful bean footage the frag is stuck to my boots.

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I hope they add more inconsistencies. Like the frags could just explode on you when picked up or sometimes they could hurt allies! I think it would really mix things up and bring the new gears feeling Tc has been going for.


I like where your head’s at. :rofl:

i say the same thing everytime. smh

Or how about no sound before they explode


Wait. I thought they “fixed” that.

My nades are like paintball nades but, without the paint even. I stick out of cover and ■■■■ jeopardize me and my team for the tossing of a wet firecracker. I can actually see the nade spinning around the guys head until it blows up. A little shrapnel baby damage, that’s it. Then the guy tosses one back, nuclear blast. I even have time to run outside the map and into an other map and that ■■■■ still wipes me and the whole squad up.

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Nope happened to me last night. But almost all my matches last night were lag fests.

Somebody’s gotta tell @DAVID_THE_CLOWN to step up his wifi game.


Never fear! Turning on personal hotspot now!

@DAVID_THE_CLOWN uses the McDonalds wifi


No, he’s a man of class. Taco Bell.


So many different issues lolol

If they weren’t nukes it wouldn’t be such a big deal

Oh my god yes thanks fir the post, grensdes are broken in gears 4.

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Realistically, they could double the blast radius for all I care. Make it so you toss it and, it flies around the map and sticks to the dome of the closest enemy it encounters. Like a flying/homing grenade with a nuke-like blast radius. It would have to make you win the round instantly too. On top of that have an event in the map where you have to reach a certain area to have access to launch 5 of those flying/homing grenades, one for every enemy. If it hits you, you have to re-install the game.