Please fix LANCER!

Operation 6 lancer is super weak. This weapon has no purpose at all anymore. You can literally empty your gun at someone and the person keeps running away like nothing happened . :rofl::rofl::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


@GhostofDelta2 you don’t play raked…

The lancer is still a tad too weak in PVP imo.


I mean, it is I guess.
But strong lancers make the game absolutely miserable against stacks. I’d rather have a lancer that was a tad weaker than one that was a tad stronger.


I guess that is the main issue.

A lancer that doesn’t work with 2 or more people shooting at 1 player would be useless 1v1.

Personally, I think if a team is focussing fire on one player who is exposed then that should be rewarded, but I see a ton of very vocal opposition to it.

Edit: One solution could be limting the initial loadout to only 1 of the lancer or gnasher (for ranked only).

I have always seen the lancer as more apt at suppressive fire than an actual assult weapon. I really do not get the sentiment that the lancer should have COD like capabilities (yes a strawman, but I am sleepy)
I think eally comes down to how you like to play. Personally, I always play with a stack, and we help each other out when comes to rifles, more or less, whereas the experience is much more frustrating when playing solo.
I just don’t think people remember what it was like when the lancer was so strong that you quite literally could not move across the map in any direction.

As @III_NEN_III and some others have pointed out, if you land your shots, the lancer is quite effective. The problem is that most people can not do that (myself included). I do not think the answer is to just make the gun more powerful.

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The problem is that the gnasher has an effective range where it can 1 hit kill 8 times in a single clip.

The lancer needs to constantly be able to hit headshots and or the opponent to stand still for a couple of seconds to get a kill with a clip.

The weapons clearly arent in the same ballpark.

I am not proposing to just buff the damage, but that the lancer needs to have an effective range and/or have it as a single weapon loadout option.

I do accept though a lot of players dont want to be rifled down and would rather the lancer be relatively crippled so it can’t be used by stacks to pin down players, and I get the sentiment that a lot of people enjoy gnasher gameplay and don’t like lancer gameplay.

I agree this is a strawman.


You are interrupting Discorvery+

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Man you’re interrupting my Dasney+

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The Lancer being weak is a myth. Always has been. The developers would * never * make it useless. Most of the reasons people think it’s weak is, they missed shots, there’s lag, or the “netcode” is no good.

I play warzone right now because gears is dead. From time to time I play some gears. I’ve played the new tuning. I’ve used the Lancer. If you allow me to compare apples and oranges for one second, the rifle damage between the two games is not much different. We’re already at cod level rifle damage. It’s just a matter of, are you using it in the right position? Are you playing well? Are you hitting those critical shots? In gaming, like sports, it can be a game of inches. The fact that your Lancer didn’t drop someone like it was supposed to is probably because you weren’t in optimal position, nor did you land all your shots. Way too many people on here just want the game to be easier for themselves, without considering the bigger impact it will have.

TC should just make the pre nerf claw a starting weapon. Maybe that will make y’all happy??


Lancers aren’t supposed to be a power weapon they are to weaken a target for teammates to follow up on

Is not the Lancer is the Trash Game !

“It’s the game, stupid”

A 90s politics reference

ok…but do people want to use the weapon tho?

i see this as an all around dishonest conversation from gear heads.

You guys want a one gun game.

Why would anyone want to use the lancer?

honest question…do you have fun using the lancer? yes or no?

one gun game, you ever heard of the longshot? torque bow? boomshot? digger?

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A hahaha these boards are funny. You understand what I mean or you wouldn’t have a community veteran title under your name.
Good day

The other problem is lag and ping.

On an even playing ground the lancer will drop people still at a certain distance. I still feel it’s a tad weak at some distances.

Is it lethal? Sure…am I afraid to pick up a weapon now of one person is shooting at me? Nope.


But you don’t have a community veteran title?
Methinks you don’t understand what you said either.