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Please fix Jack not being able to drop weapons when using a keyboard

I’m not sure if this is a “me” issue, or if this affects everyone who uses a mouse/keyboard in horde.

So I have pickup/revive/use set to the F key. When I’m carrying a grenade or pilfer ammo, it says to hold F to drop it.

Holding F does nothing. The only way I can drop something is to waste time flying to the fabricator and opening it, which drops the item I’m carrying.

If I use a controller, I can drop stuff, so I think it’s a keyboard input bug.

Does anyone else have this issue? If any other keyboard user could test this and let me know if it works for you, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Similar bugs reported on controller being fixed by remapping the problematic button. Not sure if reverting back afterwards to the original layout kept working.

Interesting. Glad it’s a known issue at least.

Really hope it’s fixed in TU 3, as it makes playing Jack a pain. Especially when he picks up the wrong item (item says gnasher, but you end up picking up the flash grenade next to it).

Thanks for weighing in.