Please Fix Gnasher Gibbing

Has anyone else ran in to this problem? Where you point blank an enemy perfectly aimed and they live through it then body you at 70%. It reminds me of the 83% we use to deal with when this game came out. TC please fix this issue and adjust the gnasher gibbing so when we aim it perfectly we get the kill not 70%
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This has happened since the first Gears.

I can only wish that it’s finally fixed in Gears 5.

For me, it’s worse in Comp than Core but happens regularly.

I find having an Active Reload can help but this isn’t always possible.

TC refuses to acknowledge gnasher hit detection as a problem. TC_OCTUS during a stream sponged several times and did not notice. Their staff is either blind or incompetent. They will not acknowledge the gnasher having issues, ever, despite the vast video evidence available. They should take pride in their work, but instead we get silence. Saying “we have a problem and don’t know how to fix it” is far better to the community than shoving the problem under the rug and p***ing fans off.

I feel they want to abandon the Gnasher in that it’s become all its own Sunk Cost Fallacy.
How many years and games and updates and it still has issues.
The answer you get may as well be “Too many.”

Twice yesterday I pointblanked people and got 94% only for them to gib me. Absolute bull ■■■■

I’ve been saying this forever. As someone in customer service I know you can’t fix everything but acknowledging that there is a problem makes people happier than not saying a thing

The worst part about this is it’s restricting players to be able to play at their best ability. I have some people who take the game seriously rage at me for not being good. LOL well of course i’m not when i’m being restricted with a broken tuning. Also i’m a huge gears fan been playing since 06 and i was at one point rank 50 in the world in the original gears ranked leaderboards. I was only 14 back then too.

bruh its how the mechanics for the gnasher work for this game. Its really hard to explain but I would say that this game wants you to get a perfect hit for a gib. Every single one of those pellets have to hit a player at full health to either down them or gib’em. Your first video, I already could tell he was gonna body you. You did shoot him but you did not hit him with all of your pellets, the upper pellets missed because he was roadie running. This games characters move like spiders burning on their own web so it’s hard to hit them compared to the previous games because the characters moved slower even on Gears 3. The problem with gears 4 are the delays in the mechanics and lag recently. For me the worst of all are the camera angles like everyone is curving bullets around the wall. Yesterday I literally bodied someone with my gnasher, in walking view, and my gnasher was behind the wall lmao I couldn’t even see the kill I made!!! But I still have faith in Gears 5 :relieved:


How am I suppose to control where the pellets go? I aimed my gnasher perfectly straight point blank on my enemy it should still be a gib. If that’s really the issue they should adjust the pellet spread so it’s actually consistent with where you aim your gnasher bc all these shots should be kills.

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I 100% agree

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I agree whole heartedly on this and as well as getting rid of the stupid rng timer for active…let skill determine actives like the old games not whenever it pops like in 4…prior games timing ur actives was part of the skill gap…now it’s oh ■■■■ he got active and i don’t yet…I’m screwed

A couple of times in the last week I did 100% damage with a Gnasher on two different players and they both survived and gibbed me. I didn’t even down either of them so it wasn’t a trade situation! They just brushed it off, blasted me to pieces and strolled off and waited until the blood fell off their faces!

Credit to @mike_yaworski because here’s proof that the gansher and the hit detection is flawless.


Yeah here is the video where the screenshot was from:

Sanding completely still, not moving my aim at all. I repeated that several times from different angles and such too. I believe there is bullet magnetism in Core, which is what we were testing.

Look how easy it is to down even when purposefully missing most of my shot:


Aim Assist is there for most console games. I’ve seen it in Halo too.

Just makes it unfair - especially with the lag comp too - if someone didn’t really get an accurate shot but it still gets you killed.

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