Please fix at last the EU Servers

Please fix the EU Server why we have wait so long, you ruin not only the EU Player the game fun you ruins it for all. This supports the quitter and you lost many Player why you not fix that, It should have priority one and should have been fixed for a long time why are you doing this with us.


with only 57 views, I dont think this thread is gonna lead anywhere. And also, know that TC doesnt come here that much anymore, they use twitter and their support website more and more. I’m from Europe also, and I had to gave pvp up because the ping was bad and there was too many bots in every match. Sorry but it feels like they just dont care/listen.

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Nah, the store and delivery driver mac are priority 1 in this part of town.

Yeah they need to fix this soon or there will be a big exodus of ranked EU pvp players. They obviously don’t give a ■■■■ otherwise it would be fixed by now. Could you imagine the American continent having to play ranked pvp on an EU server for over a week lol the coalition twitter and community pages would be in meltdown and it would be their main priority. They will regret this in the long run because for every day this continues they are losing sales from their micro transactions. I might have bought something but there’s no chance until they fix ranked pvp and I’m sure a load of players are in the same frame of mind. I mean what’s the point buying character and gun skins when I mainly play pvp and it’s broke…


So maybe just go for something like that,

playing ranked-> King of the hill -> getting thrown into a Lobby with 120-180ping against players with 10-30 ping
->NO FUN -> Checking reddit/twitter/Gears forums -> Nothing about the Servers -> Not playing Gears 5 = Not buying stuff ingame

Fix the servers/matchmaking, can‘t be serious about that bulls**** you‘re giving us for 70bucks.
No gears until this one had these problems.

You guys made a techtest, same issues still there after TU1,.
-lobbys crash for whatever reason
-ping ■■■■
-matchmaking on US Servers
-getting kicked out of lobby after a Game
-players teleporting Around making it no fun because in the next monent they stand in your gibzone and one Shot you

I could get on and on about the ■■■■ happening in this Game but i‘m sick of it.

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I’m surprised there’s no fix yet. This must stop.


Yeah still no fix, Game „out“ since a month now.
Better get some new skins out.

Btw just tested Gears 4

Same ■■■■ now. Getting matched on US server.

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So many Player report the issue an TC do nothing , main thing the Store run this is important.

and thats only a few examples.

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Well , for me the game was working fine until the last week of September. Ping was stable so I assume I was playing in EU.


Yep still nothing on any plattforms from TC…

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This says something important. If you think about it what good is responding to MTX issues first and losing a ton of players. Sure, some players will then buy MTX. But you would have a much larger potential consumer base if you keep people. MTX might piss a lot off but most are not going to leave just because of that. Some may but gameplay issues will definitely lead to people leaving. Server issues and things like that should be priority number one. And they definitely should post updates about it. Not knowing leads people to give up on a game and when they finally fix things, if they do, months later people just do not return.


Gears 5 is so broke it makes me hate gears of war n I’ve been a huge gears fan since day one

Could barely even enjoy horde today. Had some EU horde games and some US ones.

Got booted from every one of them after a random period of time.

So now I can’t play horde either. Already was without ranked pvp, now no horde?

Going to have to just put it down at this rate