Please don't play core vs Gears of War 4 matches without a microphone

Wow! I can’t even begin to find words to express my disappointment in social match making. Especially when I play solo. I have my regular homies that I play ranked matches with. But every so often they aren’t on and I go in solo baby. You know what I’m talking about. You get into matches where no one is communicating. I watch them using my left bumper making one suicide run after another. I even call out their name and shout “you’re all alone fall back”. Anyway, I LOVE Gears 4 and I play everyday. Is anyone else as confused as me by these rogue players that die 10, 15, even 20 times per match. They blindly charge up the stairs to die in the exact same place over and over. They don’t even spot their killers. Can they not hear me warning them to watch their six (and I use their Gamertag when I’m warning them)? Do few people know that the left bumper shows us where our team is and left thumbstick spots enemies? When I spawn and look for my teammates using bumper and I’m the only player on my team alive I wait on my peeps to spawn. It’s funny but ridiculous that people play team based games the way you would a free for all. :joy::joy::joy::joy:. What are your thoughts?

Eh, depends. Moreoften than not I’m rolling with a few mates so we naturally talk in Discord. Other than that I have no problems having zero coms or playing with players who don’t know English. From the UK too so it’s rare I play without 150 Ping and get point blank three shot downs.

At any rate I don’t mind how my team plays but that’s only down to the fact I can carry most of them. At this point I don’t really mind if I drop down out of D5.

I agree. If you are a regular team and use mics then great. If a player knows the maps and knows strategy then no mic works too. Sometimes the chatter can be not only distracting but annoying.

Gears has so many bad / casual players / gamepass fresh. Can’t be fixed.

Closing as per OP request :slight_smile: