Please don't be this type of engineer

Legit question… what’s wrong with this? This looks like a base I would set up, :joy:



That’s kinda pretty.

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Lail covered most of the map in barriers, one of the best engineers I have seen.

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With Baird? It’d take too long to repair all that.

Did you ever get a Matriarch that destroyed all that?

As long as Jack had repair card, then everything would be fine lol

The only bad thing about this is that you can’t activate Ultimate while standing / hovering over Barriers. So like Jack’s Hijack Ultimate. Just a random bug.


Nope. Also keep in mind this was done due to excessive funds, not for any practical purpose.

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No he didn’t tbh but the sad Thing about all this is because he had good Teammates (Fahz,Lizzie JD) we Won and because of that he probably thinks he did a good Job as Engineer.
There were 3-4 Situations where a Wipe was super close because those 1 Line of Lvl2 Barriers on each side of the Base couldn’t always hold back Sires or Scions/DR1s in later Waves.

This is one of the most annoying things ever, i dont know how many times i got killed because of that. :joy:

really hope this will get a Fix in the Future.

One thing i really love about Gears 5 Horde - this type of **** doesn’t work at all.

Obviously nothing at all, especially what @GhostofDelta2 just posted :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: lmao!!!


Well, what’s the odds of this, just ran into this like an hour ago, lol