Please don’t be a baby playing brawler class

Nomad, with the right build, is BEST spent close to the base. He can run forward and quickly execute (lancer/retro) an enemy near the barrier, and apply fear to people nearby.

You have no idea how many times I’ve tried/hoped to get my Cole to say ‘get back on your feet player’ when reviving that person. So many people get hung up on round score. I’d be happy if you didn’t even see the score until the match ended.


What good even is a Horde score?
It’s not like they reward people high on the leaderboard like they used to with Escape.

Yeah. I have tried to help but it seems to get me nowhere. I tried to help him with the daily Hive and you can guess the rest. I ended up just doing it solo and I beat it first try (Mechanic)

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