Please don’t be a baby playing brawler class

Another rant but I have to say whomever plays brawler class runs ahead of the team in escape or to the other side of the map on horde , gets themselves downed and then quits deserves a kick in the nuts . Nomads have done this too big not nearly enough as brawler class . On inconceivable or master levels you go to the other side of the map and get downed don’t be a b____ and quit because no one revives you . I spend hours trying to get daily bonus because these jerks fill the room and quit .

Bonus points if there are only a few enemies left.

I never get that running ahead.
Much prefer to put them on fire from afar and charge if it is save to.

Sounds like a lot of people who do not know how to play horde with a team, people who rush to the other side of the map either are rookies or just bad horde players.

Stay with atleast one other player if not the group.

Nah, this mentality is bad.

I play pretty well with Brawler’s tank build and I do exactly what OP described but in a more successful manner and hardly get downed. It sounds to me that some players give Tackle Brawler a bad rep.


Maybe they not sporting the tank build ?

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It could be that, or lack of high levelled cards which becomes super important if going to do this kinda thing on high difficulty,

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I agree. It’s high risk for sure and I wouldn’t expect my team to put themselves at risk to revive me. If they gotta leave me to die then so be it.

The same applies to the Nomad, Blademaster or any other CQC class.

It’s high risk, but if done well can yield rewards. It can take alot of the pressure off of your team as well. Alot of it is about good movement and spatial awareness so you don’t bite off more than you can chew, but I’ve personally played an aggressive CQC class away from the base, and have seen others do it successfully too. I’ve also seen people attempt it and fail miserably. Again and again. :smiley:

Also just to add, if I screw up and get downed, then that’s on me. If a team mate decides to rush out to try to revive me when there’s piles of enemies around and they also get downed, then that’s really on them. I know it sounds like I’m blaming them, but it starts with a single mistake (mine) which can snowball into more mistakes by others. Every team wipe starts with one player going DBNO. While I appreciate the sentiment of a team mate rushing out for a revive, alot of players tend to make reckless rookie errors when doing so. Wait for the right opportunity; let them crawl closer; use cover; kill a couple of nearby enemies first; and above all don’t rush - always look and think. If dealing with Drone-enemies, let them initiate those long-winded execution struggles first - that takes one of the out of the game and can allow you an easy counter-execution and revive.


It sounds like low level cards and a player who does not understand higher level cards are needed on advance or higher.

Have only seen this maybe twice and everyone was laughing at the fool as he just got downed in seconds.

Let me fix that for you; ALOT of players…

It’s sad but true

I can’t really say a “lot” because I don’t see many doing this kinda thing on Master, I usually see them doing ranged build, flaming bullets from time to time, and it’s not a common choice to see either. Seeing someone fail with tackle Brawler is a rare sight.

@SNAKEYWAKEY389 is one of the few Players i met as Tacklebrawler doin this Class right.
Pretty much everybody else was bad. :joy:

Reminds me of a certain someone we often play with as of late. :rofl:

Yeah brawler can solo maps so you’re bad if you think brawler shouldn’t be …BRAWLING…

Well as long as he doesn’t go down more power.
But I am not running all over the map as a squishy class :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering that enemies BS through your resistances frequently or all it takes is one Boomshot/Ice Scion to screw you over, I’m not surprised most players fail. The way the game is designed in Horde especially is stupid ridiculous for CQC classes and it, in my opinion, speaks to the player in control if they still manage to make it work.

Not that it’s any consolation to those who end up bored in or near the base because not that many enemies will reach them unless they spawn closer to there.

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I get some people know how to do it but I’m also highlighting the people who quit because they get themselves downed . That’s what pisses me
Off more is someone playing like a jerk then quits like a baby . It’s creeping up on the annoying level of buying level 1 sentry with no engineer to reload and buying level 3 barriers

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Boomshot is probably the most dangerous one against Brawler, and maybe other close quarter classes too. Once they see you, a grenade rocket heads your way and almost insta down. There is workaround like Flashbang and EMBAR stun but I don’t get my hands on them often.

If that’s ridiculous to close quarter classes, then that’s what longer ranged team mates are for. Otherwise, close quarter classes could be ridiculous to enemy balance, if nothing can take them down.

Well when the Boomshot Scion was distracted and not looking my way but instantly turns 180 degrees and shoots without proper time to aim nor even do that turn, AND I had my ult active to be almost immune to damage at point blank range but it still doesn’t matter, I think it’s fair to say that it’s just stupid BS and not balanced even remotely. More so when EMBAR stun is unreliable and sometimes doesn’t work because Gears 5, flashes sometimes disappear into the void and you can only get them back from Grenadier Elites and not the fabricator which only encourages you to not use them when you could really need them.

On top of having Mulchers, Grenadiers that can ruin your life, being almost useless against flying enemies if you remain CQC focused unless they go into a very specific spot they can be hit in, and generally at a lot more risk than the classes that can sit in the safety of the base with no downsides unless Close Range Gambit is involved. I don’t see anyone having issues with Demo or Tactician having map wiping destruction potential from anywhere on it which means their lack of resistances is much less important. Death is rained from the other side of the map. Heck, for this point I might as well state Marksman with Longshot Handling killing the entire map in X-Ray with zero risk to themselves, but nobody has issues with that much. Except the nerf mongers but we know their opinions aren’t exactly popular.

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This is why so many classes were kicked out of lobbies in the early days of Horde. I can’t stand people who just slap cards together like its JDs class and run around clueless to what they can actually do. It really grinds my gears when people don’t take some time to get to know a class before heading into high level games.

Sure anyone that does this with Cole unsuccessfully is just bad with the class and really needs to put it away before they give the rest of us a bad name.

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