Please do something! I am raging like crazy and am soon gonna tear my house down and start to cry

People quit! And therefore I lose!!! I have been grinding so hard to get to Diamond but I´ve lost 68% rank because of losing 5 matches in a row because I`m teamed up with quitters!! You have to let people oin when someone quits!!!


then dont play solo, simple.

unless TC fixes the problems that leads to quitting and if you want to get diamond then stack with your friends.

Dude, my friends have stopped playing because game is trash,


That’s unfair to say . That is not that attitude to have . It simply should not exist as an issue at all this far in dude. In season 0 & 1 you could solo to diamond . I don’t think it’s possible at all anymore I’ve tried to get that scion. And still haven’t gotten diamond in anything even after playing with stacked teams and going mvp with them with me. My percentage won’t move but I lose once and I’m far worse off than my rank was before. It makes no sense . Win every game for a day straight and still not diamond? Wtf is that ?


Exactly. I can win 8 in a row with four MVP and get 15% up. And I lose 5 in a row and drop 68%? And the game dont consider me having a team member quitting? Always close even though 4v5.


Yea once ppl quit any potential percentage loss should just be canceled(unless they rejoin ) but you should only be able to gain from those instances and if you win with less ppl on ur team that should be a bonus in +%


If you finish the game and you haven’t got a full team and you loose (which is 99% of the time) then it shouldn’t count as a loss. You get your credit and level xp but your rank level stays put. This would make quitting far less annoying. It’s completely unfair to be punished with a loss when you are team members down


i dunno ranking system is a bogus set up if you ask me. im more concerned about matchmaking with quitters though . im sure you can build a system that can seperate the 2 based on quit%


The real problem is the existence of rank and leaderboards in an online video game. All these things mean nothing because the online video game community is probably one of the most scummy, villainous, troll ridden dumpster fires in the middle of an arid wasteland on any planet in the entire galaxy. It should be a federal crime that any reward is associated with playing ranked matches.

Forget being competitive. Forget the skins. Stick to social.


I don’t know if you all follow streams on Thursday but they clearly said that after few seasons they have make it hard to get Diamond ¿why? Because it was so easy to achieve that many wanted to be more difficult there for the problem with you not moving on ranks … they also said you need to grind even more to keep your progression… you all wanted a challenge they give it to you plain and simple!

Search the Looking for Group posts (LFG). It’s the best way to find a group of players who are trying to do the same thing you are. Also you can create your own post for LFG

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Haha, love it. :joy:

Just won two matches. Came in second on the scoreboard both times. Both times highest kills in the match.

Went down 4%??? From 84% to 80. GTF0!

Didn’t you “rage like crazy and tear your house down and start to cry” yet?

Rank based on team effort instead of individual performance is a joke.

Oh buts it’s a team game…get lost.

Everyone except forumers, and eSports, all play solo at some point.

The majority of the population, especially during the release window, are playing solo.

So to base an individual tank off of a random team’s performance is ■■■■■■■■

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Just team up and keep getting wins…I got the diamond solo in season 3, but for season 4 I teamed up for the lat 16%.Its not worth the stress just keep winning and you will eventually go up.

play a new game trust me it not worth hitting diamond when gears 5 game is coming out next year.