Please do something about these flash bangs for Christ sakes

The flashbangs are so annoying, all people do is spam them, either nerf them, get rid of them or make them a power grenade, and whatever happened to the hammer burst??


I agree it is annoying but you can do the same to them.

“what happened to the Hammerburst” you ask? They were moved to a power weapon slot because they were “annoying” the shotgun rollers and “all people did was spam them”. Exactly what you’re asking for right now regarding Flashbangs.

As long as the Flashbang doesn’t land on your head you just need to look away and 90% of the effect is removed.

And I remember when the Gears 2 smoke grenades had a flash effect that made you flop–playing multiplayer at launch was very interesting.

Drones spam them in horde too and they seem to last longer.

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They last a LOT longer in PvE.

Same thing? Depends how much “LOT” is.

They last about 5 whole seconds longer. That’s a long time.