Please do a collab with PLAYSTATION you would make so much money

Please make gears of war 4 and 5 playable on PlayStation 4 it will bring you guys so much money which is very good for your business I have almost 60 friends on PlayStation that wish they could play gears of war everyday but they have PlayStation and don’t want to buy a Xbox just to play gears of war PLEASE CONSIDER THIS !!this would be career changing for the gears community and maybe you guys could do a cross platform collab in the future after that and that would bring you even more gamers and hype to the community Please don’t over look this opportunity for TONS OF MONEY . And most importantly FUN for the community . Sincerely EUROTE .

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Too bad its not up to TC. Do you know the whole point of console exclusives?

Man I wish Sony released Spiderman and God of War on Xbox so I didnt have to buy a PS4


But there’s no need for them to buy an Xbox to play Gears. These people don’t have a modern pc? Every house ought to have a computer, although apparently a lot of people don’t. It should be a priority over getting a console for sure.


I don’t think many PS players would play Gears much. Most seem uninterested in the game.

Although there isn’t really a style of game that is similar to Gears on PS.


Theres really isnt any game thats similar to Gears in general


I can just imagine how many noobs there will be in PS4. We already got enough in Xbox.

So what? You were a noob at some point.

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You haven’t even played me, yet you are claiming I was a noob. Nice one Sherlock

So when you first started playing Gears you werent a noob?

It doesnt matter if I played you or not we were all noobs at some point


Been playing since 1

Ok so you were a noob when you started playing Gears 1

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You don’t get what I’m trying to say… Some players don’t even know the basics. I’ve seen players who actually been playing this game since 1. And they can’t even revive you (leave you on the floor), can’tplay as team, regardless what exp they are they clueless. This includes versus or horde.

I get what your saying but those people aren’t noobs they just suck.

They are noobs and they suck

What @ll_R_E_D_l is getting at, is that there is a clear distinction between “noobs” and rubbish players. “Noob” being a shortening of “newbie” - i.e.: someone who is new to something.

Players who have been playing this for ages can still suck.

We were all noobs at some point. Some people get better, others don’t so much.

I think what we have here, is usage of the term “noob” as some sort of a generalised insult.


Or they stay the same. Hence, why I call them noobs

Which proves my point that you’re incorrectly using “noob” as a generalised insult. “Noob” literally means that someone is new to something and therefore lacks abilities and knowledge about it.

However being a rubbish player is a broader term and references their ability with no reference to how experienced they are. Noobs and experienced players can both be rubbish players.


This is versus only: I use the term noobs when players use sawed of shotgun (gears 3) retros and b bash the players. Those in my eyes are noobs

Thats not a noob thats just what you say. Just because you say it doesnt make it true

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